Essie Lounge Lover Collection for Spring 2016

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I just reviewed the new Essie Resort collection last week and look what’s already out, the new spring collection! When I first spotted these, I had to double check to see if they were really for spring. I’m sure you had to too right?

I wasn’t too thrilled with the colors at first but that didn’t stop me from buying the whole collection! As I looked closer, I started liking them more and more. There seems to be a little of everything and that deep green and slate blue don’t look too bad. If they were in any other seasonal collection, I would have been jumping with joy! Now, let’s see how I feel about these being in a spring collection. I think I’m warming up to these…


You can’t have a spring lineup without something fresh and pastel. This is High Class Affair, a beigey peach. I expected this to be a pain to work with but to my surprise, it worked up to opacity in just 2 coats. It’s thicker than other polishes I’ve tried from Essie from this color family. I also found this a very flattering nude for my light-medium skintone.

High Class Affair- 2 coats, no top coat
“a little scandalous, a lot of luxe. nothing takes your look to the next level like this amorous blush nude.”


Essie has a plethora of light pinks and nudes in their range so it didn’t surprise me when I found that I had a dupe of this sitting in my collection. Perennial Chic from last spring’s Flowerista Collection is very similar but not enough to be called dupes. It’s a hair warmer with a more beige look versus the more pink High Class Affair. If I had to choose between these two, I would pick High Class Affair because of the superior formula.

High Class Affair, Perennial Chic

Lounge Lover is the namesake of this collection and I’m sure it will please any pink lover. The display of this collection features this polish poured over a flamingo figure and that’s exactly what I would describe this shade as. Flamingo pink. It’s a pastel neon type of color. This bright pastel peachy coral that looked pretty good with two coats though I did have some balding issues on some nails that required a third coat. I don’t really like bright pinks but I can see myself rockin’ this on my toes!

Lounge Lover- 2 coats,  no top coat
“it’s destiny. you and this pretty pink peach are simply meant to be. hurray for happy endings!”

I found that OPI Sorry I’m Fizzy Today is a dead-on dupe for Lounge Lover. So if you have one, you don’t need the other. These two are equally great options. I wouldn’t choose one over the other. If you’re wondering how it compares to Tart Deco, it leans more peach/orange whereas Lounge Lover is more pink.

If you’re looking for something less coral and just a straight up bright pastel pink, take a look at Essie Delhi Dance from the new resort collection. I don’t own Delhi Dance to show you but if you want to see the rest of the resort collection, take a look at my blog post on it here. Also try Suzi Nails New Orleans from the new OPI New Orleans collection.

I&R: Lounge Lover, M&P: Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

Lounge Lover, Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

This hot hot orange is named Sunshine State of Mind and you can’t help feeling vibrant and fun with this one. It had really great coverage with one coat if you wanted to, you could probably wear it that way but I needed that second coat to get it looking perfect. This is a bright orange but there’s a hint of pastel in this that makes it feel a bit toned down. I’m not really sure how to explain this. It’s something you have to see to believe! It’s like there’s just one drop of white making this look a touch creamy. This is something you need to experience, I don’t think I am doing this justice.

Did you notice how shiny these all dry? Take a look at this one! There’s no top coat on any of these!

Sunshine State of Mind- 2 coats, no top coat
“no matter where you are, it’s always beautiful in the sun-kissed world of this blazing coral tangelo.”


Some will say there are dupes. I can agree that there are many polishes out there that’ll look similar but that bit of creamy pastel changes everything. It’s what separates it from the others.

I was reminded of a polish when I was applying this. Color Binge from the fall collection. The orangey red that I ended up falling for. This has the same vibrancy but more orange and toned down.

Sunshine State of Mind, Color Binge

This is the part where things get interesting. We’re into the darker shades.

Shade On is a darker take on a pastel purple. It has a slight dustiness that I adore in polishes and guess what? ONE COAT! Oh boy. Essie, you may have just changed my mind about this whole collection. The pigmentation of this was a complete shocker. It appears darker in the bottle than it applies, so you get a lighter springtime purple that you’ll love.

Shade On- 1 coat, no top coat
“super chic but totally laid-back, this mysterious deep violet lets you check out the scene in covert style.”


I don’t have anything like this. This shades is just… wow. It didn’t appeal to me in the beginning because of how it looked in the bottle but once I had it on my nails, I loved it. Purple is one of those colors I can’t resist and I really can’t resist Shade On.

When you took a look at this collection, I’m sure a few of the colors had you thinking Whaaaaaa??? Did one of those colors happen to be this slate blue named Poolside Service? Like me, your mind probably instantly thinks of fall when you see these types of hues. Pause that thought.

The formula of this was amazing. Another one coater. It has a fantastic creamy formula. It’s interesting that this was included in a spring line and I think it’s genius. It’s always about doing the unexpected. It’s as bold as wearing a neon yellow in the dead of winter. Fetch. How could you not feel super fashionable having this on your nails? AND that shine!! Now what do you think about this?

Poolside Service- 1 coat, no top coat
“queen for a day? how about forever? this refreshing cerulean blue is at your beck and call.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a dusty blue from Essie. I’ve found three in my collection that are comparable: School of Hard Rocks, Vested Interest, and Fall in Line (Fall 2014 review). None of these are dupes. They are all more green and more warm-toned than Poolside Service. The closest of the bunch is School of Hard Rocks but even that one isn’t a match. It’s still more green and I’m loving the one coat formula of Poolside Service the most.

Of course, if you have any of these polishes, there is no need for you to go out and get this one. If you’re a normal person, one is enough. On the flip side, if you’re a polish addict, you know these are all different and you need every single one!

Fall in Line, Vested Interest, School of Hard Rocks, Poolside Service

The last is Off Tropic. It’s a rich dark green. Before you start thinking about the holidays, take a moment and think about a lush tropical destination and you are surrounded by palm trees. I hope now this green makes more sense. This is so insanely pigmented! You won’t even believe it’s even from Essie because this color and formula is just so out of the norm for them! I was completely astonished. WHAT THE …!!! So rich and luscious.

You’ll need to pay extra attention with this one. It is so pigmented that you’ll need to make sure you wipe down your brush often to keep the polish from running down the brush. You don’t want to get any of this on your cuticles cause it will stain and the clean up will be a pain. I ended up paying the price when I wasn’t careful. This deep green is a stunner though!

Off Tropic- 1 coat, no top coat
“conversations may wander, but never the eyes. this lush grove green keeps the focus right where it belongs: on you.”

I thought this was unique to my collection until I realized that I have seen this color before. Essie actually has a color that’s like this. Going Incognito is an older shade, part of their permanent collection, and although it’s lighter it’s very close. OPI Christmas Gone Plaid is a dupe for Off Tropic, so if you’re into this color, skip this if you already own Christmas Gone Plaid. Another polish similar is Take a Hike from China Glaze. This one is significantly lighter but still in the same family. This would be a great option for those who want the color without the vampiness.

I&R: Off Tropic, M: Christmas Gone Plaid, P: Take a Hike

Going Incognito, Take a Hike, Off Tropic, Christmas Gone Plaid

These new colors from Essie aren’t as crazy as I first thought they were.

Don’t forget, Rebecca Minkoff is Essie’s Global Color Designer and considering she is from the fashion world, it makes much more sense now. Now they seem more artsy and cohesive, don’t they?

I really enjoyed this collection. Many of them had formulas that were a total surprise to me, in a good way. It seems Essie has taken a turn for the BEST! Not only were there great formulas, these all seemed to dry super glossy! We have seen them do this before here and there but I get the impression that it’s going to be here to stay. They’re only in the beginning stages of testing out and perfecting their formula so I would say we still have some time before it becomes consistent.

Keep your eyes out for this new collection! It is set to be released today, Feb. 16th. You will be able to find them in all the usual spots, Target, Ulta, Nordstrom and even Macy’s carries Essie now. In typical Essie fashion, not only will they have these sold individually for $8.50 each, you will probably be able to get a mini pack of four for $17. That’s the better deal if you want to try more for less! These are already listed on Ulta’s website right now (individuals, mini set)!

So as you are keeping a lookout for the new resort collection, you also have this new Lounge Lover collection to search for!



  1. Ariadna says:

    I loved this post, you’re so funny! These colors are weird for spring but they remind of the OPI Venice Fall collection where it had light spring-like colors. Is it me or do the “fashion people” just like to switch things up because things were getting stale and predictable with “dark colors for fall” and “pastel colors for spring”? Now things are changing and we’re all freaking out. Well, I was. Anyway, these are some interesting colors, I’ll have to check them out in person, specially the poolside service, I don’t have anything like that in my collection. 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      Aw, thank you! Oh yea! This is like when OPI released those spring colors during fall… except I am welcoming this one with open arms! I guess although I’ll accept deep dark colors during the spring, I’m not with pastels in the fall. It also didn’t help that those OPI shades had some watery formulas that didn’t help their side at all.
      Yes! Check them out for yourself. I saw them online and it was one thing but they were in front of my face I couldn’t help thinking Essie? Is that you? To me, this isn’t normal Essie and I find that refreshing. I’m loving what Rebecca Minkoff is doing!

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