Essie Going Guru Resort 2016 Collection

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The groundhog has spoken, an early spring is in the forecast! At this point, aren’t we all getting tired of the chilly weather? Sure, I love me a good snow storm but I just cannot tolerate the icy cold winds! It’s only February and I just cannot wait for spring! Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’m ready for my annoying allergies to flare back up…

Enough about that, a new Essie collection has come out! I completely forgot about the Resort collections from Essie, I was just taken by surprise this year when I stumbled upon them on Ulta’s website. I immediately went to my store to find them and I wasn’t able to find the full set of four like I had hoped. The Resort collections are normal just four polishes, unlike their typical collections of six. I’m missing one, the pink, but I thought I would just do this review anyway. I wanted to get this up as soon as possible!


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Delhi Dance is the name of the pink I’m missing. From the pictures I’ve seen online, it looks to be very similar to Suzi Nails New Orleans from OPI’s new spring/summer collection. Check out my new review on the New Orleans collection here!

Going Guru is the namesake of this collection and in my opinion, it completely deserves to be the star. This is a light seafoam/honeydew melon green with an alright formula. It wasn’t too thin like you would expect from Essie, it covered well in 2 coats. I used a thin first coat and then a thicker 2 coat. I had no trouble applying this over my base coat that dries matte, on the other hand, when I applied it over a different one that dried more glossy, the polish liked to pull away and patch up so beware of that.

Going Guru- 2 coats, no top coat


Essie has a ton of greens in their line, however I don’t have anything quite like Going Guru. It’s less yellow than Chillato from last year’s Peach Side Babe summer collection (review here) and darker than the whited-out green, Absolutely Shore.

(L-R) Chillato, Going Guru, Absolutely Shore

It’s also a tad warmer than OPI That’s Hula-rious! (Hawaii Spring/Summer 2015) and much warmer than Essie Fashion Playground, minus the stealth shimmer. Out of these all, the one that’s the most similar is That’s Hula-rious!. One’s warm and the other’s cool so I believe it’s different enough to justify having both. (;

(L-R) That’s Hula-rious!, Going Guru, Fashion Playground

When I looked at Taj-Ma-Haul in person, I wasn’t sure about it. The color isn’t your ordinary orange. It’s like a toasted spice orange, or baby food orange, if you will. That may sound a little unappealing but I think this would be a great color for fall, when all the ugly pretty colors come out to play. The formula was good. It was almost a one coater but you’ll need the second get a fully opaque finish. This formula likes to drip down the brush so be sure to wipe down your brush often to avoid flooding your cuticles.

This cool orange has a pinky hue, sweet potato like. Once again, I can’t help but think of baby food! It doesn’t look that great against my skin tone but I think this would look really good on darker skin tones.

Taj-Ma-Haul- 2 coats, no top coat

Taj-Ma-Haul seems to be a darker, more brown version of OPI Crawfishin’ for a Compliment from OPI’s New Orleans collection. They’re in the same color family but on opposite sides of the spectrum.

(L-R) Taj-Ma-Haul, Crawfishin’ for a Compliment

The last one is Nama-stay the Night. This is a a darker take on cerulean blue. It covered flawlessly with one coat but it is a little runny so be careful with the polish running down your brush. I would opt for two thin coats to be on the safe side. This might possible be a stainer because it’s so pigmented so layer up that base coat!

The camera didn’t pick up the color of this very well. In person, this is considerably brighter.

Nama-stay the Night- 1 coat, no top coat

I instantly thought of Make Some Noise from last year’s neon collection when I saw this shade. These two seem almost identical on the nail but in the bottle, Make Some Noise is a few shades lighter and needs two coats to be opaque. These two are so similar that I am confident enough to call them dupes and you don’t need both. Out of the two, I would say Nama-stay the Night is the better choice because of formula alone.

(L-R) Nama-stay the Night, Make Some Noise

Those are the new resort polishes from Essie! Did you like all of them?

The green is a must buy for me! I knew from the beginning I would love Going Guru. I just can’t resist these greens! I’m indifferent to Taj-Ma-Haul. I feel like it would fit into a fall collection much better but I do appreciate Essie branching out into different color families. Nama-stay the Night isn’t exactly a unique color but the one coat formula satisfied me.

This collection is particularly pleasing to the eye when you see them all together like in the promo pics. The pink, green, orange and blue go really well together. They give off the same effect as cute packaging, don’t they? You just can’t pass it up. I really wanted to get all four to review but I know I wouldn’t reach for the pink much and it looks too close to the OPI polish I mentioned.

I’m really happy these aren’t watery and thin like how most of Essie’s polishes are. Good job with the formula! It’s not exactly the best but it’s an improvement for sure.

The Going Guru Resort Collection is now appearing in stores and online. Each polish retails for $8.50. They are already online on Ulta’s website and expect them to be in stores within the week. The collection is also available on Nordstorm’s website mixed into the “Cream Nail Polish” listing. Also be on the lookout for the mini set for $17. You can get a taste of each of the colors in a smaller size with a cheaper price than shelling out the price for four full sizes. This four piece mini set is sold at Ulta right now but should be appearing in other places Essie is sold soon. Look how cute this packaging is!

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In other Essie news, they are scheduled to launch their new spring collection in a couple of weeks! This year seems like it’s flying so fast!

I want to also apologize for the dingy lighting. The sun was not my friend this week, I think I’m going to have to invest some time and money into making a lightbox to solve this lighting situation. Can’t wait for longer days to come back!


  1. Ariadna says:

    Funny enough, out of this collection, I’m really only interested in the green one, lol. The blue one is pretty too, but it just doesn’t call my name too much, and I rarely wear orange, it clashes against my skin tone, so maybe Essie’s Spring Collection will be better? I hope so! Have a great weekend!

    • chezadrienne says:

      I’m looking at the Essie’s new spring collection right here in front of me and I’m not sure how excited I am… There might be some winners, though I’m not feeling this fits the season very well… We’ll see soon though! Don’t wanna give away too much! (;

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