Essie Make Some Noise Neon 2015 Collection (Swatches & Review)

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I’ve been patiently waiting for this collection to be released for a while now. To be specific, it’s probably been two or three months of time I’ve waited for these to come out. There was a preview of the summer and neon collections and out of the two, this one had me the most excited. I reviewed the Peach Side Babe Collection new for summer 2015 (Review Part 1 & Part 2) and I couldn’t help but think about this one the whole time! It had some nice shades but it was too pastel for my summer taste so continued to wait for the release of this one.

After weeks of lusting over other bloggers receiving and swatching these polishes, I finally found them at Target. They weren’t in a display, they were just on a shelf with other Essie polishes. I guess it’s just so new that they don’t even know what to do with them yet. Essie has stated over on their Instagram that this collection is available exclusively at Target, so if you’re on the hunt, that’s where you should look! I just had to get all 6 shades. They looked so perfect together, there’s nothing like a complete set! Let’s see how these polishes are and see my final thoughts on this collection.


The formula of all these polishes are wetter than I’m used to. They’re not creamy, yet they are about to achieve good coverage even in the first coat. There are actually a few that are close to being one coat polishes. To deal with the liquidy formula, you’ll need to go back to the bottle periodically to wipe down the drop of polish that will flow down the brush. I don’t mind this step since it’s super rare to find a polish that’s thin and also has amazing coverage. These all seem to level themselves very nicely.


The first one I was instantly drawn to was Make Some Noise. This pigmented cerulean blue was nice and smooth. I took a risk trying this one first, as blues tend to stain. On the contrary, there were no signs of staining on removal. This is probably due mostly to doubling up on base coat just to be on the safe side. I would recommend you do the same thing, unless you want Smurf fingers! Be very careful with removal, if you get this polish on any skin, it will stain!

I love blues, so I own quite a few. Surprisingly, I don’t own anything like this. Make Some Noise is very blue but not exactly a true blue. It ranges between a true blue and cyan. It’s exactly Cerulean. There are no pictures of this polish that are color accurate. This is one you must see in person! It is such a gorgeous color!

Make Some Noise- 2 coats, no top coat

Illasmasqua Noble and Orly Skinny Dip are like distant cousins to Make Some Noise. They are both significantly lighter, they do have similar tones.



Essie Avenue Maintain is much more muted, it’s a dusty blue. Make Some Noise is much brighter. The distinction is much clearer in the second picture. The sunlight in the first threw off my camera. This color just does not want to be photographed!

Make Some Noise, Avenue Maintain



Groove is in the Heart is a girly pastel pink. It’s pretty much a bubblegum pink, you know, the color of Double Bubble. Please tell me you still remember those! There’s not much peach in this one. This is the pink little girls like everything to be. The formula was fantastic, very easy to work with and great self-leveling. I was expecting this to be harder to apply because of past experiences with light pinks so I was really impressed by Groove is in the Heart. I’m still not very fond of pinks so this isn’t my favorite just purely because of my dislike towards the color. If you’re a pink lover, I betcha you’ll fall in love with this.

Groove is in the Heart- 2 coats, no top coat (in natural light)

In artifical light

Essie Van D’Go is more peachy and the formula is troublesome. OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hopsfrom the Hawaii Collection for this spring/summer, is much lighter and has a thinner formula. The formula of Groove is in the Heart is one of the best I’ve used for a lighter pink.


This vibrant purple named All Access Pass performed very different from the others. The formula was a little syrupy. It wasn’t thick and goopy, what I mean it didn’t have a creme formula, it the pigment wasn’t consistent throughout. It was like an unmixed polish, there were spots with more pigmentation than others. On the first coat, it looked patchy and streaky. It seemed to level out and looked a thousand times better on the second. You can get away with two coats, one thin and the second thicker, or three thin ones.

All Access Pass- 2 coats, no top coat (natural light)

In artificial light

How many of you instantly thought of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue when you saw this? Sorry guys, this isn’t even close. All Access Pass is much more purple. So much so that it makes Pacific Blue look extremely blue rather than blurple next to it.

All Access Pass, Pacific Blue

The next closest thing would be Essie Chills & Thrills from last year’s Neon Collection (2o14). Chills & Thrills is not as purple as All Access Pass but the difference is miniscule. If you already own Chills & Thrills there’s no need to grab All Access Pass too.

I threw in OPI Lost My Bikini in Molokini (Hawaii Collection) to show a more muted, more purple option.


There are many polishes that look very similar to this shade. All Access Pass isn’t very unique. It seems every blurple that comes out is nothing compare to the legendary Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.

Here are some Essie polishes that are in this same family including Chills & Thrills (Neon 2014), Suite Retreat (Resort 2014 review) and Pret-A-Surfer (Summer 2015 review). They are different, however, they are so close there’s no need to have this many so similar to one another!

(L-R) Chills & Thrills, All Access Pass, Suite Retreat, Pret-A-Surfer


Vibrant Vibes is a bright lime green. This color actually makes me think of a green apple. It makes me think of sour green apple candies, or those green apple sour belts! I couldn’t help but look down at my nails and want some of those when I had it on. This one had a sheerer formula, I needed three coats. This one’s the only polish in the collection I can actually call a neon. I guess. It dries like one too, with a semi-matte finish.

Vibrant Vibes- 3 coats, no top coat (natural light)

In artificial light

I would love to compare this to a polish from last year’s Essie Neon Collection, Vices Versa. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick that one up. I actually didn’t pick up much of that collection. From the swatches I’ve seen of Vices Versa, I can judge that although they are very similar, they are different. Vices Versa is darker and looks like a green Blow Pop. More candy references, great. Vibrant Vibes is lighter and more pastel.

If you’re looking for something like this and actually neon, take a look at Orly Thrill Seeker from their new summer Adrenaline Rush Collection. That collection was STUPENDOUS! If you haven’t seen swatches or my review, go take a look! Orly’s stepping up their game.

Vibrant Vibes, Thrill Seeker

This next polish has a wickedly good formula. It’s thin like the others but the coverage is so good, it can almost be a one coater. Coacha’bella is a magenta pink with a superb formula. Look at the shine on this one too!

Coacha’bella- 2 coats, no top coat

There have been many polishes released recently that are in this same color family. Essie Flowerista from the recent spring collection is many many shades darker. OPI The Berry Though of You (Brights 2015 review) is very close but it’s a little brighter. Essie The Girls Are Out looks to be the same shade but that polish is full of shimmer.

(L-R) Flowerista, The Berry Thought of You, The Girls Are Out

Although The Berry Thought of You looks much brighter in the bottle shot, it applies on the nail nearly the same color as Coacha’bella. You don’t need me to tell you that you really don’t need both of these. They’re pretty much dupes!


If you’re looking for something brighter and more neon, I would like to once again refer you over to the new Orly summer collectionRisky Behavior is what you need!

Melody Maker is a green teal. I’d call this one a watermelon teal. Like the rind of a watermelon with a touch of teal. Thhis polish has a great formula. Much like Coacha’bella, this was another almost one coater. This one could definitely be a stainer. I was prepared with double the base coat so I didn’t have to deal with the possibility of dealing with stained nails.

Melody Maker- 2 coats, no top coat

Here are all my Essie’s that are in this color family. Garden Variety (Spring 2015 review) is a blue teal. Ruffles & Feathers (Summer 2014) is a green teal. These two are in the same group, they’re just different tones compared to Melody Maker. The closest in color is Naughty Nautical, thought it is a little lighter. Naughty Nautical contains visible shimmer so these two are not dupes at all. It’s a great option for those that want something extra and more fun than what Melody Maker offers.

(L-R) Garden Variety, Melody Maker, Naughty Nautical, Ruffles & Feathers

I feel like I’ve gotten to the point where I’m bored with Essie’s new releases. Every time a new collection comes out I find myself extremely excited and I’m happy with the shades. Once I get to comparing the new shades with some others, I realize they really aren’t that unique after all.

There are also not neon polishes. This is the Neon 2015 collection. Wouldn’t you expect some neon shades? Or at least pastel neons like what many brands are releasing? Such as China Glaze and Color Club. I find it immensely misleading they name these neon collections when they aren’t. I would feel more comfortable naming these the brights or the vivids since “Brights” is already taken by OPI. Check out the OPI Brights Collection for this year here.

Off to the positive. These shades are all gorgeous. Most of this collection had some remarkable formulas and color pay-off. Maybe the shades aren’t very unique but it’s worth it to get the great formulation. Coacha’bella and Melody Maker was almost one coat polishes! Those would have to be in my top three. My very favorite would have to be Make Some Noise. This blue is such an interesting shade you really need to see it for yourself to understand. These cameras are not able to capture its true beauty!

I also really liked Vibrant Vibes and Groove is in the Heart. Pinks aren’t my thing and when I say that I enjoyed one, that’s a big deal! The only one I didn’t really care for was All Access Pass. It applied weirdly and I’m a little tired of this color. I’d pass on that one. Try Pret-A-Surfer from the new Essie Summer Collection (review here) instead!

Check out your local Target for this collection. If it’s not there yet, it should be coming within the week. Essie has stated over on their Instagram that this will be sold exclusively at Target, so get to that store locator page! Here’s a link, purely for convenience. Target doesn’t have them listed on their site yet. There are polishes from last year’s neon collection if you’re interested.

I’m curious, what was your favorite summer collection new for 2015? I would say this Make Some Noise Neon Collection is in my top 3 or 5. There are so many to choose from!


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