Essie Fringe Factor Collection Luxeffects Holiday 2015: Frilling Me Softly

There have been many new and exciting releases this past month and to join these new releases is this new installment of Essie’s Luxeffects line. Since 2011, the brand has been adding new glitter top coats every winter. Normally two new polishes join the line but this time around, we get double the amount! Last winter, a bronze and a gold glitter were released. Not only do we have a collection of four new glitter toppers, they’ve also gone another route with the glitter shape. This new Fringe Factor collection is made of up all tinsel/bar glitters. I picked up one to try out for myself. Time to take a closer look at my only pick for the collection, Frilling Me Softly.

I chose the silver variant called Frilling Me Softly because I thought this would be the most versatile of the four. Not only is there thin and short silver bar glitter there’s icy blue metallic micro hex glitter. The micro glitter camouflages so well in the silver that at first glance you would probably have no idea it was even in there. This dense wintery tinsel mix is pretty and soft, perfect for the cooler months ahead.

The glitter distributed on the nail with ease. It was very easy to apply. You only need to dab the brush in one and your brush will be loaded with glitter. This polish is so densely-packed with glitter that you may even have to wipe down your brush before applying to the nail. I wore this over Essie Parka Perfect, which I recently just featured in a Throwback Thursday post here. I wanted to highlight the blue glitter so I chose to pair it with this pale blue. I love the soft icy look I ended up with.


The hype over tinsel glitter has died down and I was surprised to see a huge brand like Essie taking a stab at it. Although I’m not typically a fan of bar glitter, I did end up really enjoying this one. I’m glad I picked this one out of the others. These new Fringe Factor glitter toppers aren’t at all must haves, but they are a fun twist to add to any polish. If you’re tired of the same old hex-shaped glitter all the time, take a look at this collection. To view the full collection, here’s direct link over to Essie’s site.

This collection is available now at Ulta stores and online for $8.50. Are you going to hop on these or skip? Don’t forget to take a look at last year’s Luxeffects Collection here!

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