New Essie Luxeffects (Winter 2014)

At this time of year, it’s all about the glitter. Essie recently released two new glitter polishes to join their existing Luxeffects line. These two warm glitters for our cool fingers are a gold and bronze.

At first I thought surely Essie would have originally released a gold glitter alongside Set in Stones, their popular silver glitter. I was shocked when I realized they didn’t. Really? How could they make a glitter collection, include a silver and a pink glitter, but not a traditional gold? Now that I think of it, I do remember being disappointed when the Luxeffects debuted in 2011 and there wasn’t a gold hex glitter, just a delicate gold flake top coat As Gold As It Gets. Fitting huh? Well, then a year later, they came out with a blue version, Stroke of Brilliance. My goodness! Had it not dawned on them that they needed a gold variant as well?

Better late than never. We have long waited for this very moment. Not only did the brand roll out a gold one, they decided to bring out a bronze too. Check out the swatches of these glitters. They’re so good I’m not even mad about the whole release ordeal anymore!


Right off the bat, I want to let you know a little about these gems. They’re both gorgeous glitters. Gorgeous in looks and application. With one coat, it’s exactly what you need. That one coat covers just enough of the polish to where you are still able to see the base polish beneath a glamorous coating of glitter.

Of course I’m going to start off with the gold. Rock at the Top is the perfect gold glitter. It has great coverage and is the perfect shade of gold. It’s not too warm and just cool enough to look gold without stepping into the silver realm. If you want a taste of glitter, just a simple glitter that’s versatile, try this one. Gold goes with everything. Were this polish like you would your favorite gold jewelry. After all, nails are accessories too.

I swatched Rock at the Top over Rimmel’s Do Not Disturb from the Rita Ora Collection, I have a post on them here. Teal and gold is my go to combo when I’m stuck in a nail rut.

Rock at the Top- 1 coat over Do Not Disturb (Rimmel)

Bronze glitter! I’ve seen a few bronze glitters around this year, I particularly remember one from Sally Hansen. It was a part of the recent fall NYFW designer collection. I didn’t pick that one up because it was a dark bronze, like a dirty bronze with a strong orangey brown tinge and not much of a metallic quality to it. On the other hand, I was really drawn to this one!

Summit of Style is my idea of a bronze glitter. Essie nailed it! I think this appeals more to me (and probably many others) because it’s a bronze with a slight rose gold look. It’s not at all orange or brown. It’s more of a copper color. You really need to take a look at this one yourself to really experience it’s beauty.

I chose to layer this over a neutral toned berry color, OPI’s OPI Scores A GoalThese two autumnal colors really go well together, I loved this combination! It makes me think of the fall leaves coming from the trees right now. Summit of Style would look great over warm colors, especially those that fall into the autumn color scheme. Don’t let that limit you though, this bronze glitter is just as versatile as Rock at the Top.

Summit of Style- 1 coat over OPI Scores A Goal!

Glitter top coats are popping up everywhere and Essie did a fantastic job with these. They only require one coat, they’re as easy a glitter gets. For those that want to try out nail art but aren’t confident in their art skills, glitter is a great option. Or if you’re just too lazy to even try with all of that (like me), glitter’s the solution!

If these strike your fancy, check them out! They’re easy to find too since Essie is available in most drugstores. The holidays are around us, give these as a gift! They’re sure to please any nail lovers in your life.

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