Essie Flowerista Collection for Spring 2015

I’m sure after taking a look at my recent post on the Essie Bridal Collection for this year, you want to see more from Essie. Have you started wearing your spring colors already? The first day of spring was just this past week, did you paint your nails to go along with the season? If you’re in need of some new spring appropriate colors, try this some poishes from this new release from Essie. Take a look at the new Flowerista Collection. This is their first collaboration (of many) with their newly deemed Global Color Designer, Rebecca Minkoff.

The Flowerista collection has a shade for everyone. There are nudes, neutrals, pastels and brighter colors. They’ve rounded up a great assortment of colors that goes beyond just pastels. I had to jump on this collection and try out these colors and support my one of my favorite designers. I almost grabbed the whole collection, minus just one, Picked Perfect. From my experience with beigey nude shades, I knew I wasn’t going to like it. Read more to see how I liked the others.


Starting things off with the namesake of this collection, here is Flowerista. This is a vibrant but toned down plumy magenta. It’s bright but a sophisticated brightness. It’s hard to describe, the pictures don’t do it justice either. It has a perfect formula, it’s a one coat polish. Essie’s been doing this more consistently now and I am liking it! Brings me back to the Dress to Kilt Collection from the fall.

Flowerista- 1 coat, no top coat

In the bottle, Flowerista looks similar to The Girls Are Out. On the nails, they are clearly nothing alike. Flowerista is much darker and The Girls Are Out contains silver shimmer.

I&R: Flowerista, M&P: The Girls Are Out

Garden Variety applied just as easily. This bluey teal was also perfect in one coat. Again, this vibrant shade has a muted over appearance. I really love how this color looks and I can tell I will be using this a bunch in this coming month. With teals, I always recommend using base coat to prevent staining.

Garden Variety- 1 coat, no top coat

Here is Garden Variety compared to a true teal, also from Essie, Ruffles & FeathersNext to Garden Variety, Ruffles & Feathers looks extremely green. These two are must have teals that differ so much, that it’s okay to have both.

I&R: Garden Variety, M&P: Ruffles & Feathers

Onto this warm peachy nude named Perennial Chic. That’s chic pronounced “sh-eek”. I find myself a little irritated when people say “chick” instead. Please tell me it doesn’t just bother me! I wasn’t very happy with this one. The formula on Perennial Chic was very thin and I needed 3 coats for opacity. Of course you can always use this as a sheer wash of color, but that is just not my style. If you like this shade, there are tons of similar polishes. From Essie’s line specifically, try Spin the Bottle from last year’s spring collection. It’s not a bad polish at all, just not my style, that’s all.

Perennial Chic- 3 coats, no top coat

Blossom Dandy is the polish I had my eyes on from this collection, but I had my doubts whether it would be unique and different from the other minty blues in my stash. Blossom Dandy is a creamy minty aqua blue. The formula was amazing, one I am not used to pastels having. I think this may have just jumped its way to first place out of all of my mint polishes.

Blossom Dandy- 2 coats, no top coat

Compared to Mint Candy AppleBlossom Dandy is more aqua with a touch more green to it. Next to China Glaze At Vase Value, it looks a few shades darker. At Vase Value has a terrible patchy watery formula. Blossom Dandy has the best formula out of these all, although Mint Candy Apple has a pretty good formula itself. These two are not different enough to justify having both, but if you’re on the search for a good aqua, Blossom Dandy‘s a good one to have.

I&R: Blossom Dandy, M: Mint Candy Apple, P: At Vase Value

To finish it off, here is a gray polish with hints of mauve at certain angles. Petal Pushers isn’t your typical gray, it’s not a straight up flat gray. It has some purple mixed in that makes it more interesting. Time to move away from the black and lighten up with this pretty gray. The formula’s good, I was happy with 2 coats.

Petal Pushers- 2 coats, no top coat

Petal Pushers is like a darker version of one of my favorite grays, Essie Cocktail BlingPetal Pushers is significantly darker. I have nothing in my collection that is even similar to Petal Pushers. I love grays that look purple or blue at some angles! This one’s one of my favorites.

I&R: Petal Pushers, M&P: Cocktail Bling

This collection surprised me. I didn’t think I would end up loving anything, all the colors seemed like ones I already own in my collection. After seeing them in person and applying them onto my nails, I immediately changed my mind. My very favorites from this collection are Garden Variety, Petal Pushers and Flowerista. I’m not a big fan of pinky shades, so for me to choice Flowerista as a favorite is a pretty big deal! If I had to choose one as my single favorite polish from the bunch, I’d go with Garden Variety easily. It’s perfect for spring and sets it apart from my blue green polishes.

Essie and Rebecca Minkoff did a great job with this collection and I am looking forward to the future releases from these two! The Flowerista collection is sold wherever Essie is sold, making it super easy to find. There’s also a cute little mini set featuring these polishes I reviewed here minus Garden Variety, I’ve seen it at Ulta and Nordstrom.

If you’re looking for more new releases from Essie, click here to take a look at their new Bridal 2015 Collection.