Essie Leggy Legend Collection for Fall 2015

I am back! After many months of busy schedules and roach trippin’, I am back. Today I’ll be sharing a long awaited review of Essie’s new fall collection for this year. My first thoughts on this collection were mixed. When I saw the colors I didn’t know if I would like them. They didn’t seem like anything special. It’s been a little hard for me to get excited about new collections ’cause at this point, everything just looks the same to me. I have accumulated so much polish that when a new collection comes out, I’m always thinking of dupes in my existing stash. Essie always draws me in though. Those fresh new bottles always call out for me. Darn. Well, I picked up the whole collection of 6 polishes to review and reviewing we will do!


Color Binge was the very first one I decided to try out. Something about it caught my eye and my mind was made. This shade is one that is bright and yet can look subdued, making it perfect for this transition period between summer and fall. How can that be though? A color that can look bright and fun but yet autumnal and cozy? Sometimes it’s a fiery orangey red, other times, you can see a bit of darkness that makes it work. It’s had to explain. It’s something you have to experience for yourself. I can’t wait for the colder months ahead of us, I’m imagining pairing this with a nice thick cozy neutral-toned sweater and in my hand will be a steaming hot black tea with milk. Ooooohhh I’m getting excited thinking about it!

Color Binge dries with an ultra glossy finish. It was almost perfect in one coat. I used two just to even some spots that were more bare than others. Ne careful with the amount you keep on the brush, it’s on the more liquidy side, so it tends to drip down the brush easily. The formula’s very saturated with color, while still being pretty thin in consistency. I would say it’s not totally a creme because of this. It was very easy to work with and I will be using this more in the future. I’m sure of it.

I don’t like reds. The fact that I absolutely love this polish speaks volumes. This was the first one out of the collection I picked up and applied onto my nails. I kept this on for a few days and I couldn’t help but stare at my nails all day long. Something about Color Binge changed my mind about reds forever.

Color Binge- 2 coats, w/top coat
Essie says: “can’t stop. won’t stop. over the top and larger than life, this addictive orange red is ready to indulge.”


Bell-Bottom Blues is a gorgeous deep sapphire blue with just a bit of ocean green and a soft purple duochrome effect. This polish has an amazing formula, I need just one coat. It’s thicker than Color Binge but I actually prefer polishes like this to be a little thicker. It was extremely easy to apply. It was easier than easy. It reminds me of the mesmerizing, mysterious night sky. Though almost every deep shimmery blue like this always does.

Bell-Bottom Blues- one coat, no top coat
Essie says: “zip up a hot look. rock flared jeans and give him the blues in this intense midnight indigo.”


Bell-Bottom Blues reminds me of Essie Dive Bar, except it’s more blue. Dive Bar is darker and more smokey and the formula is much thinner, you’ll need to build it up. Dive Bar also has some slight purple duochrome action as well.

For those wondering, Aruba Blue and Bell-Bottom Blues are completely different. Aruba Blue is a true rich royal blue, it almost looks velvety, though don’t confuse that with a matte finish, this polish a gloss. Bell-Bottom Blues is very blue but there is some green in it that sets it apart from Aruba Blue. The purple duochrome is also a differentiating factor. These two are different and they are both, in my opinion, must have in anyone’s polish/Essie collection.

You know, I supposed Bell-Bottom Blues would be the love child of Dive Bar and Aruba Blue. Makes sense, huh?

(L-R) Dive Bar, Bell-Bottom Blues, Aruba Blue

Frock ‘n Roll is a really interesting one. It’s a smokey brown plum shade with a strong white gold shimmer. Don’t be turned off when you hear brown, that’s just what I see as an undertone. I wouldn’t say it’s mauve, it’s a smokey brown plum, that’s just what I see. It was near perfection in one coat. I decided to apply a second to intensify the depth of color and make the shimmer stand out a little more. This really is an interesting one. You just stare at it and wonder what exactly it is. Essie says it’s a “shimmering rich espresso,” I feel it’s that and so much more. I can imagine wearing it this fall paired with a chunky gray sweater. Oh my.

Frock ‘n Roll- 2 coats, no top coat
Essie says: “low cut and flirting with danger, this lustrous, shimmering rich espresso is a dress for success.”


What’s a fall collection without a fall appropriate brick red, right? This burnt terracotta red creme is named With the Band. It has an amazing formula that reminded me of last year’s Essie fall collection, Dress to Kilt. That collection is still one of my all time favorites, all the polishes performed amazingly and they dry to a delicious glossy finish. With the Band was super easy to use, I needed just one coat and it dried to an ultra glossy finish! YES. This was one of the polishes I didn’t care for much at first but now I’m really liking it. I seriously cannot wait for fall.

With the Band- 1 coat, no top coat
Essie says: “backstage. in the club. in the studio. toasted spice burgundy heats things up wherever she goes.”


I was looking through my collection for a polish similar to this and the only one that came even close was OPI’s First Date at the Golden GateWith the Band is much darker and the formula is creamier. If you’re looking for something similar but lighter and more red, try First Date at the Golden Gate.

(L-R) With the Band, First Date at the Golden Gate

Now for the namesake of this collection and one of the more fascinating polishes, Leggy Legend. This bronzey copper was one I wasn’t sure I would like. Leggy Legend is this interesting warm brown caramel copper that intrigued me like crazy. Against my freshly tanned skin from this glorious summer, I love how this looks. This dirty copper brings out the deep olive tones in my yellow skin. I’m sure it’ll give an instant tan to those with fair skin. The polish wasn’t too brushstrokey. We can all appreciate that. You have to been really close to even pick out the brushstrokes anyway. I used just one easy coat to cover my nail. Essie did a great job with this one. We need more. Please.

Leggy Legend- 1 coat, no top coat
Essie says: “shimmer. shake. shine. this glamorous alloyed bronze bombshell is the soul of rock chic.”


For the last polish of this six-part collection, here is In the Lobby. This black cherry wine creme looks like a million other polishes everyone loves to grab for one the weather gets cooler and the crisp, brightly colored leaves begin to drift down. So what makes In the Lobby any different? What sets it apart exactly? It dries extremely shiny. With a crazy shine that looks like the polish is still wet and it’ll just drip right off your nails. I loved that about this polish. What I didn’t like was that the formula is very thin. It’s saturated with color, but very thin. It pooled around my cuticles. That’s not something I’d like my polish to do. This one behaved very differently from the rest of this fabulous collection. Will I keep it and use it again? Sure. Do I think this is a must have? Eh, no. I would recommend trying another polish this color, as there are plenty, and getting a nice glossy top coat. I do really like In the Lobby, it’s just the pooling problem poses a threat.

Try Essie’s Bahama Mama as an alternative. It’s lighter and more berry, but you get nearly the same result in a couple of coats. After the big oxblood trend a little while ago, I’m almost certain each and every brand has a polish this color in their line.

(L-R) In the Lobby, Bahama Mama 

That’s the Essie Leggy Legend Collection for Fall 2015. This was a solid collection overall. They all impressed me by either their formulas or shine factor. Many of the polishes had both! My very favorite out of them all was Color Binge. I kept going on and on about it and when I had it on my nails I couldn’t help but keep staring. It’s the red polish that I absolutely love! I never knew I would say such a thing. I seriously think I may have a thing for red polish now, all because of Color Binge.

The other polishes I would recommend are Frock ‘n Roll and Leggy Legend because of how unique these two are. Honestly, this whole collection needs to be yours! They were amazing! I mean, minus one of them that doesn’t really make the cut for me.

Swatches of the comparisons will be us soon in a separate blog post. I really wanted to crank this one out and didn’t want to have to wait another day! This post has been a long time coming! I have been on hiatus for too long! Time to get swatching! The OPI Fall collection will be up next!


    • chezadrienne says:

      Thank you for commenting! Happy to be back polishing and swatching!
      Color Binge is an orangey red that may seem more summery to most people. There’s this little bit of darkness, it’s not dustiness, I don’t know how to describe it exactly but somehow it just works for both seasons. It’s one of my very favorites. I’m not a fan of red myself, so hopefully you’ll like it as much as I do!

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