Essie Dress to Kilt Fall 2014 Collection

Bring out your jackets and circle scarves everyone! Autumn is around the corner. I’m already getting a taste of this coming season with Essie’s new fall 2014 collection, Dress to Kilt. This release features some shades perfect for fall, (spoiler!) including some ultra glossy dusty colors.

The Dress to Kilt collection is made up of 6 polishes. Out of 6, I grabbed 5. I just wasn’t interested in the chocolate brown, so I skipped on that one. If you are familiar with Essie’s fall releases, these shades this year may seem pretty familiar. Are these worth buying? How do they compare with past fall releases? Keep reading to see my thoughts on these lovelies.


Style Cartel is a dark blue polish that retains it’s blue color even when it’s not in direct sunlight, which is a problem many navy polishes have. It’s very glossy and glides onto the nail perfectly. A blue like this is lovely for fall and I’m really loving these kind of colors lately. I have nothing like this in my collection, but I chose to compare it with OPI’s Incognito in Sausalito from last year’s fall & winter collection.

IMG_3070Style Cartel- 2 coats, no top coat

IMG_3071Middle & Pinky- Style Cartel
Index & Ring- Incognito in Sausalito

When next to Incognito in Sausalito, you can really see what I mean when I say Style Cartel is really blue, for a navy color. I wish the photos could capture how glossy it actually is. The formula on this and all the polishes in this collection are different. A very good different.

Maybe you’re looking for something more on the gray side? The Perfect Cover Up is a graphite with teal mixed in. You must be dying to see what in the world that looks like, alright, I’ll give the rundown after the pic.

IMG_3073The Perfect Cover Up- 2 coats, no top coat

Great color, great formula. What more can you ask for? This was pretty much a one coater, but of course I wanted 2 for the photos. After I applied it and marveled at my nails, I realized something. This looks just like Mind You Mittens from Essie’s winter collection last year. No! A dupe? Say it ain’t so!

IMG_3075Middle & Pinky: The Perfect Cover Up
Index & Ring: Mind Your Mittens

IMG_3074Bottle shot: (L-R) Mind Your Mittens & The Perfect Cover Up

Dang, my suspicious was correct. They look nearly the same. You really can’t even tell, not even when you’re holding the two bottles side by side. If you already have Mind Your Mittens, you really don’t need The Perfect Cover Up. TPCU is pretty much MYM in disguise with a shinier finish.

Essie really knows how to make mossy greens and Fall In Line does not disappoint. Like the others, this one is just as shiny and has a great one-coater formula. I just love dusty colors like this.

IMG_3077Fall In Line- 1 coat, no top coat

I grabbed this up cause it reminded me of my favorites (also from essie) School of Hard Rocks and Vested Interest. Maybe it reminded me a little too much… I’m glad to say that when I compared the three together, they weren’t total dupes. SoHR and VI are more on the blue side, FIL is much more green than both. Sure, they do look similar, but their differences are enough for me to justify keeping them. Did I mention that I love dusty greens?

IMG_3083Index & Pinky- Fall In Line
Middle- School of Hard Rocks
Ring- Vested Interest

Let’s take it to something more neutral, shall we? Take It Outside is a cool gray with a soft purple tint, I guess that means it’s a soft taupe. Hmm, like a nuded out Chincilly, the cult favorite taupe Essie nail polish. It’s a great palette cleanser shade. I have nothing to compare this too, it’s more taupe that the pink nudes in my collection and lighter than any other taupes I own.
I expected this to be hard to apply, my experience with Essie has made it clear that their lighter colors are a pain in the butt. Take It Outside was something different. Like I said before, there’s something different about this collection. You guys at Essie really know what you’re doing! This was almost a one coater!
IMG_3095Take It Outside- 2 coats, no top coat

The last polish I have is Dress to Kilt. Just like the others, this is just as perfect in application and finish. I was not originally planning on getting this one but I took a chance on this one. I’m not into reds, but I’m feeling this one. It’s not just plain red like I thought at first, it’s a red that looks kinda brick red in some lights and raspberry in others. A shapeshifter of sorts. I like it.

IMG_3101Dress to Kilt- 2 coats, no top coat

For comparison, I chose a creamy brick red, First Date at the Golden Gate from OPI (fall/winter 2013) and a raspberry burgundy shade named Bordeaux from Revlon’s Parfumerie range. I chose these colors to really show how unique Dress to Kilt is and how it has components that are similar to both.

IMG_3104Index & Ring: Dress to Kilk
Middle: First Date at the Golden Gate
Pinky: Bordeaux

Although some polishes aren’t unique and are essentially dupes for other already released shades, there  are some that really stand out and are worth purchasing. My favorites from this collection would have to be Style Cartel and Dress to Kilt. This is surprising to me, these were the two shades I was least excited about.

Honestly, I did not think I would like this collection very much. The colors just seemed a tad… boring. After trying them, my thoughts have changed. The formula on these are so good. Even if these colors aren’t exactly your cup of tea, I suggest you pick one up and try it for yourself. I’m sure there was something that caught your eye!


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