Essie Cashmere Matte Full Collection (Swatches & Review)

If you follow up on new releases, you might have noticed matte polish collections are approaching us. Not just any matte, satin mattes. In this case, Cashmere Matte polishes. Wait, Essie released another collection following their winter one? Is it their new resort or spring collection? Nope. This is totally separate from their seasonal and resort collections. Hm, you know what? Maybe they needed to redeem themselves as a brand after that terrible winter release

Anyway, I took a look at the press release and from the moment I laid eyes on them, I knew I was going to have to get every single one! The caps all have the words ‘cashmere matte’ on them, which I really do appreciate. It takes the guesswork out of picking through a desk drawer full of Essie polishes.

Prepare to swoon over these new Cashmere Mattes! I even added some up close and personal bottle shots of the shimmer shades so you can really see that pretty pretty shimma shimma…

Let’s start off with a soft baby pink. Just Stitched is just that and a cup of peppermint mocha coffee (my obsession lately, I even posted a pic on instagram recently!). There’s ultra fine blue green shimmer that creates a pearly minty sheen. This sheen is barely noticeable on the nail and appears more in the bottle. Soft pinks tend to be a pain to work with, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it didn’t apply steaky like I had anticipated. The shimmer seems to make it more forgiving, my brush strokes seemed to just melt right in. I did need 3 coats to even it out in the end though, because of it’s drippy formula. This color looks so delicate and soft on the nail. Sadly, the shimmer wasn’t as strong as I had hoped it would be and top coat seems to dull down the shimmer even more.

Just Stitched

Just Stitched- 3 coats, no top coat

Just Stitched- 3 coats, with top coat

Comfy in Cashmere is a soft taupey mauve color wiht blue micro shimmer. These types of colors are my favorites during the fall when I’m taking a break from my super dark nail colors.

I like shade better without top coat. Once again, the top coat seemed to nullify the shimmer. Comfy in Cashmere is a color I would wear without one, just because it boosts the cashmere aspect and when I add top coat, it seems to look like every other mauvey gray.

Comfy in Cashmere

Comfy in Cashmere- 2 coats, no top coat

This shade really reminds me of my two favorite taupes, which happen to be also from Essie. Chinchilly and Miss Fancy Pants are my go-to polishes when I just don’t know what to use during the fall. If you compare these side by side, you can really see that although they might look similar, they are completely different. These are both cool toned, which Comfy in Cashmere is warm. Hah, cashmere? Warm? How fitting. That’s pretty true with most of these shades actually… Check the pic below to see them yourself.

I&R: Comfy in Cashmere, M: Chinchilly, P: Miss Fancy Pants

My very favorite from this collection is Coat Couture. This grayed out smokey purple with blue green shimmer is what I’ve been reaching for lately. It’s the same colored shimmer in Just Stitched, but it shows up stronger against this dusty purple. Our of the entire collection, Coat Couture has the creamiest formula. It seems to be the most flattering for all skin tones as well. The other ones seem to make my fingers look terrible (I know you were thinking it too).

Coat Couture is much darker than Comfy in Cashmere and has an ashy look to it. Having them one after another shows how different these two really are.

Coat Couture

Coat Couture- 2 coats, no top coat

Black polishes are so much more fun with some shimmer added in. Spun in Luxe really spices it up with some blue shimmer with a soft sprinkle of the occasional purple shimmer. It really makes me think of a magnificent twinkling night sky full of mysterious beauty and wonderment. This super dark navy blue-almost black looks perfect in just one coat. Oh, speaking of luxe… have you seen the new Essie Luxeffect glitter polishes? They’re new and I have a post here! 

For the bottle shot, I set it so it would be out of focus purposely. This way you can really see that gorgeous blue shimmer.

Spun in Luxe

Spun in Luxe- 1 coat, no top coat

That’s it for the cashmere shimmer shades. Now onto the two cashmere pure cremes.

Wrap Me Up is a pale beigey pink with a pretty alright formula. No shimmer. If you’re familiar with pale pinks, you know they are downright irksome to apply. Luckily, Wrap Me Up isn’t as high maintenance, it just needs 2 coats.

Wrap Me Up- 2 coats, no top coat


You might be thinking this is a shade you may have seen before form Essie. Yep, Urban Jungle is pretty much a dupe. By pretty much, I mean, aside from some tiny tone difference, they look the same. Wrap Me Up is just a hair warmer, but really, they’re nearly identical. I even added a top coat in the picture below so the differences in finish wouldn’t distract you.

I&R: Wrap Me Up, M&P: Urban Jungle

For the last of the collection, here’s All Eyes on Nudes. This latte nude is darker than the nudes Essie is known for (i.e. Sand Tropez). This color paired with my light/medium skin tone gives me mannequin hands! Some people might like this, myself on the other hand, I do not. If this is a look you enjoy, this polish is nice. Creamy formula and easy to apply.

All Eyes on Nudes- 2 coats, no top coat

So What did I think of this collection? The shimmer shades are winners in my book; with the exception of Just Stitched. The shimmer didn’t show up and the formula is not one I would like to work with again. I love a good creme, but a creme with soft shimmer? In the great ManiGeek‘s words, “Gimme that!”

Overall, this Cashmere Matte collection was a hit or miss for me. The formulas were everywhere, they were different with each color. I’d also like to say that the finish is just not very flattering for those with dry skin and cuticles. It’s winter! Everyone’s skin is dry! This matte look does not look good when your hands are looking pretty matte themselves!

There were absolute winners in this collection, so although I have some cons, there are definitely some pros. My favorites? That one’s easy. Coat Couture and Spun in Luxe. They are different and unique. They stood out to me when I saw this collection and they amazed me when I swatched them. I’d also like to give an honorable mention to Comfy in Cashmere, that was nice too.



If you want more polishes with this interesting finish, may I recommend checking out Sephora’s Formula X The Brushed Metallics line. I own Determined, a brown shade with green blue shimmer, click here to see my review and swatches!


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