Essie Bridal/Wedding 2015 Collection (Swatches & Review)

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The weather is getting warmer. The flowers are starting to bloom and nature will soon sprout with new life. This is the time of year when many couples exchange vows of commitment and embark on their conjoined new life together.

Wedding season is upon us and Essie has all the brides out there covered with their new bridal collection. Soft delicate shades joined by bright fun shades will grace the nails of those lucky women.

Essie’s wedding collections always feature 4 polishes, this is first time it’s been a 6-piece release. Interesting. I purchased the four delicate soft shades from this collection and left the two brighter ones. I figured, I had to be selective and get the ones that appealed to me most. I love how these polishes make my hands look so much more feminine and pretty. Oh and the quirky names are so cute! My polish collector side could not let these babies go because they actually have a special limited edition design that I could not pass up on!



Walgreens Display

Before I begin, I’d like to elaborate on the two brighter shades. Brides No Grooms is described by Essie as a “bachelorette-bright pink”. I’d describe it as a hot pink with a wild side. Better wear this one now while you’re still a bachelorette, ladies.

Brides No Grooms

Happy Wife, Happy Life is described by Essie as a “radiant red orange”. In person, it’s not very radiant. It’s like a muted orangey red. Like a brick red with some fiery intensity. I’d say this is different from Essie’s traditional bright reds. I don’t own many reds. From the looks of it, it’s like a darker Clambake or Germanium. Kinda like if you were to set one of these in a darker area, in the shade. Yea, kinda like that color…

Happy Wife, Happy Life

If you’re interested, the nails pictured above was from my First Day of Spring mani. Click here to see the polishes used and more pictures.

What was that about special packaging? The polishes in this collection are all embossed with a soft purple (Hubby for Dessert colored) floral lace embossing. Here’s a close up:


With all of these soft shades, you can wear them as a sheer wash of color, or if you’d like, you can apply 3 layers for an opaque squishy look. For someone that loves nude polish, these are sure to please!

Let me start things off with a sheer pearly peachy pink. Worth the Wait has a pearly purple reflect that looks amazing, yet understated. The soft pink combined with the pearly sheen really kick up the soft and gentle look.

Worth the Wait- 3 coats, no top coat

For those who want a true nude, here is Brides to Be. Office workers will appreciate this sheer beige nude with a touch of pink. It gives the perfect easy clean and polished look. I hate the way this looked on me. It emphasized my stained nails. I prefer pink nudes rather than beige nudes. If you’re not really into true nudes, I’d say skip it and go for the other rosey pink toned polishes.

Brides to Be- 3 coats, no top coat

Hubby For Dessert is the same color as the embossing on these special white caps. The appearance of this bottle is very elegant. My eyes instantly gravitated towards this polish when I saw the collection in person. Hubby For Dessert is a sheer milky pink-toned lilac. The formula on this one is thinner than the other two. I don’t mind how soft this applies, it smoothes things out perfectly and adds a bit of color while still staying in the nude family. I believe this would be amazing to switch up a french manicure. I love this one and it gives me elegant princess nails.

Hubby For Dessert- 3 coats, no top coat

Tying the Knotie is a sheer milky baby pink. This one is the sheerest of them all and the formula is thinner than the rest. It was patchy even with 3 coats, I could have used a 4th to smooth everything out. It makes your nails look pretty and healthy. This is a common color that Essie has done many times. Skip Tying the Knotie and try other sheer baby pinks like Essie’s most well-known soft pink, Ballet Slippers or maybe Mademoiselle.

Tying the Knotie- 3 coats, no top coat

This collection didn’t blow my socks of, but I liked the way every color made my nails look. These are easy ways to pull yourself together and bring elegance to your look. The biggest question is, are they worth it? No. Probably not. If you’re really into nail polish and/or are a sucker for packaging (who isn’t?), then chances are, you’re gonna grab one or two just to have one. They’re not necessary or unique, Essie’s core collection consists of tons of sheer pinks and nudes. If you’re unable to get your hands on these, don’t worry. There are probably dead on dupes for these within their line.

There is one polish I feel is unique from this collection as a whole. Hubby For Dessert is a sheer milky pinky lilac that is different. This is the only one I would say is a must have from this new bridal collection. It’s not as common as the others and the polish matches the design on the caps! This is the one. If you spot these polishes, I can almost guarantee Hubby For Dessert will be the one you pick up first.

I have only seen the Essie Bridal Collection for 2015 at Walgreens. I’ve noticed recently that some of the Walgreens near me have wiped out the permanent Essie displays and filled it with other products. Locating these might be tougher for some than others.

Don’t fret if you haven’t got a Walgreens nearby. If worse comes to worse, the internet is always your friend! Here’s a mini set I found on JCPenney with base coat, top coat, Blanc (standard white creme), Worth the Wait and Tying the Knotie. Some of these polishes are also available right now at Kohl’s.

To satisfy your Essie appetite, I’ve got a review and swatches on the new Flowerista Collection for spring 2015. If you’re hungry for more sheer nudey pastels, the OPI Soft Shades collection is coming out soon! I will be writing up a post on those too. Until then, stalk this blog for new collections and reviews, ladies!


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