Essie Pinking About You Collection BCA 2014

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so bring on the pink! As I am sure I’ve said many times in the past, I despise pink. In honor of supporting BCA, I try to get into these collections. This year, Essie launched a trio of polishes, 2 cremes and a glitter. I Pink I Can is a pale pastel pink and Pink Happy is a bright pink with a raspberry undertone. Pinking About You is a glitter top coat filled with pastel pink matte glitter. From those descriptions, I’m sure you can already tell which one I went with. Of course I snatched up a bottle of Pinking About You! Brands have been rolling out matte glitters left and right and white matte glitter is popping up everywhere, but a matte pink glitter? Had to have it. Check out how amazing this looks!

I think Pinking About You looks best over baby pinks and light grays, but it’s all up to you. By all means, if you want your base to be green, go ahead! What’s stopping you? This is so pretty and delicate I decided to play up that attribute by painting just one coat over Back in the Limo from Essie’s new winter collection (Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low). Check out my new post on the collection here

This is a low maintenance glitter. What I mean by that is, there’s no need to dab and maneuver the glitter. With one coat there is perfect coverage. The glitter is dispersed over the nail perfectly. Just look at it! That’s just one coat. Love!

IMG_3686Pinking About You- 1 coat over Back in the Limo (essie winter 2014), no top coat

Did you see all the difference sizes of glitter? Large hexes are usually a pain to catch, but these were easily caught by the brush. There was no need to go digging for them! This was done perfectly. Although if you do have a problem grabbing some of the larger glitters, I recommend flipping your bottle upside-down for a few minutes before you paint. It helps all the beautiful glitter sink to the top of the bottle, becoming more accessible!

I am so happy with this purchase and I’m am super excited to try out the new glitters Essie released into their Luxeffects line recently! I’ll be trying those out and posting about them soon! For now, check out my halloween posts I cranked out (with more to come) and my new post on the winter collection from essie!





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