Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday! I have been seeing so many Easter nail pictures and felt inspired. So much so that I didn’t do my normal super easy nail art. I watermarbled! Years ago, I was obsessed with watermarbling but I just forgot about it. So I ended up trying my hand at the craft once again. Don’t wanna toot my own horn, but I think I did pretty well! You be the judge. Read more to see polishes used and more Instagram worthy pics!

I’m going to keep this one short and simple, unlike last time for the post on my Spring mani. I only watermarbled on my ring fingers and thumbs. You can never take the lazy out of me! I actually don’t like the look of a full watermarble manicure. I follow and live by the philosophy less is more. That works or most things, with the exception of nail polish… Heh… I know you were thinking it!


For the entire look, I used 6 polishes. Depending on how many colors you decide to use for watermarbling, it can be way less. For the fingers I didn’t watermarble on, I painted 2 coats of my new favorite mint, Blossom Dandy from Essie’s Spring Flowerista Collection. Then, for the ones I was going to watermarble on, I painted a coat of white, I used OPI Alpine Snow.

I used 5 polishes for my watermarble, Essie Blossom Dandy, Essie Garden Variety, OPI That’s Hularious!, Pop-Arazzi Just Beachin’ and Pop-Arazzi In Your Dreams. If you would like to see individual reviews on the collections/lines these polishes are from, they are all in my Spring 2015 category.

(L-R) Essie Blossom Dandy, Essie Garden Variety, OPI Alpine Snow, OPI That’s Hularious!, Pop-Arazzi Just Beachin’ and Pop-Arazzi In Your Dreams

Watermarbling is a lengthy process. It is in no way hard, it just requires some patience to get the hang of it. If you play with it a bit, you start to learn techniques. Like all things, you get better with practice. There are great tutorials all over the web to help out beginners!

A watermarble can start with as few as 2 polishes and go up to as many as you can fit into your watermarbling cup. If you can get your lines of colors to be really thin, you could probably be able to fit as many as 10 colors all into a design on a nail.

Darn. Didn’t I say I would keep it short? Okay, enough explaining. Here’s some mani shots.

Artifical Lighting

Natural Lighting

Thumb Shot

I love the design on my thumb, I just wish that stupid bubble wasn’t there. If you didn’t even notice, please completely ignore what I just stated. Let us instead adore that beautiful white to purple gradient at the bottom I managed to do totally by mistake!

That’s it! I hope you have a great Easter! Whatever you do today, be sure to enjoy your day!


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