Target’s new nail polish line?! Defy & Inspire Bachelor (Swatches, Review & Wear Test)

Let me first say I love Instagram. I always try to check on it as much as I can. It’s how I stay up to date on everything! It’s where I first found out that one of our beloved retail chains, Target, was going to come out with its very own nail polish line. Just let that sink in. Yep, the place that traps us in for hours has created yet another way to take our money and get us to spend even more time in their stores. I know I’m not the only one guilty of saying I would only take 20 minutes when in reality I was wandering around the vast aisles for nearly an hour and a half. Guilty as charged.

This new brand has been named “defy & INSPIRE.” Freshly released in stores this past Sunday, January 17th, there are 38 shades in the range. Printed beside the logo on each bottle are the words “Wear Resistant Nail Lacquer.” You know what that means. Another gel/polish hybrid promising longer wear. Let’s get down to business and get a closer look.


These have a 5-free formula and boasts a mix of patented plasticizers that make the polish flexible and bend instead of peeling off or cracking. They were able to incorporate a dual-polymer technology that makes it so the lacquer will bond to the nail and fuses. So you get the wear and the shine of a gel without actually getting a gel manicure and having to deal with UV lamps and the irritating and damaging removal process.

These claims sound very familiar hmm? It seems like any and every brand this past year has released some along these lines. The question is how well does this actually work? Are they worth $7.49 each? According to this article in Popsugar, they use “unique raw materials (like pearls and highly concentrated pigments) from all over the globe.” Knowing this, they had better be good!

I went to Target and saw that they had just begun putting these on the shelves. The display was pretty bare and picked over. There were several shades that caught my eye but after being reminded of the price tag, I had to just grab one. I ended up with Bachelor. This slate blue is unlike anything I have in my collection and I knew that I would get ample use from this grayed out blue since I have really been loving dirty dusty shades (thanks to the Zoya Whispers!). I really love this color. This is a mature blue. One that goes perfectly with a crisp white shirt and fitted trousers. Can you imagine it too?


Bachelor is a nice slate blue with just a drop of purple. In some lighting, it can look more blue and in others, the purple can show up more.

1 coat, no top coat

Application of this was truly perfection. The formula on this is FABULOUS. The kind of formula that causes one to make oohs and ahhs while the polish effortlessly glides onto the nail. Oh this is beautiful. For the icing on the cake, it’s a one coater. Yup. Oohs and ahhs. It’s a little thicker than your typical polish but I prefer thicker formulas so it was quite easy for me to maneuver.

The Target site actually states that “these lacquers provide full coverage in just one coat.” I’m glad my experience wasn’t like that other brand… ahem Wet n Wild with their 1 Step Wonder Gels.

The brush on this is a little stiffer than your average brush. That can be a negative and positive. For one, you have to be careful not to accidentally dig the brush into the polish. However, the firmer brush makes it easy to create that perfect ‘U’ to follow the curve of your nail.


Now for the wear test I decided to use two coats of color since I’ve found that typically using two coats will give you the best performance from a polish. For the best wear from this new line, it’s recommended to use their whole system that they’ve created. They have a All About that Base base coat and a Over the Top top coat. Since I don’t have those two and I’m hesitant to go out and shell out $15 for those, I’m going to use my own base and top. I will carry on for the sake of curiosity! For this experiment, I decided to go with my basic base coat, I used Nailtiques Formula 2 and for my top coat, I used NYC (New York Color) Grand Central Station.

Let’s go on a tangent for a little bit since I think this top coat requires a little more info. Grand Central Station is one of my favorite inexpensive drugstore top coats that perfects just as well as the others I’ve tried. It may not be as fast drying as Seche Vite but it’s just as shiny and lasts. I think I even like it just as much as my HK Girl from Glisten and Glow that I have just started using. It’s just $1.99 for a bottle and when I went on sale I used to stock up.

2 coats, w/top coat

On the first day it was perfection. There were no signs of wear.

The second day wasn’t too bad. I was getting some tip wear but it wasn’t anything major.

2nd day

The third day was when the shine started to dull. This is probably due to my top coat since it wasn’t the top coat recommended to be used. I have a few dents in polish from wear and tear.

3rd day

On the fourth, it looked relatively the same. The tip wear was getting more noticeable. At this point I would have normally changed my polish but I decided to keep it on another day. This is when it could start chipping in larger pieces and I wanted to see if it would be true with this polish.


Here is what it looked like on the fifth day. I had significant chip wear. My index finger was much worse than the others, which is to be expected. By this time the shine was barely there and you could see much more imperfections. The polish was starting to crack. You can see this on my ring and pinky the best.


All in all, I would say I had a pretty good experience with this. It took a total of five days to finally show obvious signs of wear and that was with a normal base and top coat. I wonder how it would be when used with the defy & INSPIRE base and top. This wear test has really convinced me that I need to get more from this line and to do a proper wear test, I will need to get the recommended system. I will consider doing this but I have so many gel-like polish base/top coats (OPI, Sally Hansen, Wet n Wild, Sinful Colors) that I feel like it might be a waste. I never reach for those and I doubt having these new ones would change that.

Bachelor had a wonderful formula that really left a good impression on me. While I was applying it, I was already planning my next visit and what colors I would get next! This may be the start of a new addiction here! I feel like this line has some unique colors that I haven’t seen yet and I will be happy to make them mine!

The next time you’re in Target, take some time to look at their new brand. There are 38 shades to choose from and they’re at an alright price of $7.49, which is worth it for such quality and pigmentation. Pick a color that you know you’ll get tons of use out of so there’s no room for regret!


  1. Ariadna says:

    Ooh that color is so pretty, thanks for the pretty pictures!! I was at my Target just last night and it looked like their whole beauty/makeup section had been ransacked!! There was hardly anything on the shelves, I even looked in the clearance aisles and there were some things in there, but not much more than usual, I wonder if they had a good sale or discount that I just missed out on, was your Target fully stocked?

    • chezadrienne says:

      Thank you! I really liked this color and I have my eye on a few others. The line has a bunch of dusty pastels that are calling for me!
      The beauty section at my Target seems to always be in constant disarray, but when I went on Monday it was a surprise to me how clean everything was! I also noticed that the shelves were pretty bare so I strolled on over to the clearance section and I was greeted with 3 whole sections of clearance items! I was thinking that because of the storm we had over here, the employees had a ton of time to get things organized. The storm might also be the reason why it was so empty too, we had 3 days of being completely snowed in!
      But then, maybe your Target just has everything in the back and are working on getting them marked first? There was so much on clearance, I won’t be surprised if that’s what’s going on. I hope you have some good finds if that’s the case! I dug in all the boxes hoping to find Sally Hansen Yummy Yam but I wasn’t successful. I think I might have to cave and just get it at the CVS I’ve been seeing it in for full price… I’m rambling! Can you tell I’m craving some coffee??

  2. Ariadna says:

    Ha ha! I liked your last sentence, I can barely function without coffee, so I don’t think I could ramble 🙂 I never thought about it being in the back getting marked down, I’ll have to stop by again and see if they have put out more stuff. I had to google swatches of Yummy Yam, hmm, I think I just de-stashed a color similar to it from Pure Ice that was 10+ years old! I’ll keep my eye out for it, I hope you can find it!!

    • chezadrienne says:

      I really hope that’s the case, there was so much on clearance! Don’t you just love that moment when you find something you’ve been wanting and it’s 50% off or more? That makes digging through all those clearance bins worth it!
      I’m still on the fence about going out to get Yummy Yam, it’s just one of those ugly pretty colors that I just can’t get out of my mind!
      How are Pure Ice polishes anyway? I haven’t tried them, though I’ve contemplated it many times! I remember a while back I was looking at the display but didn’t end up getting it ’cause it was $4, but I just checked the Walmart site and saw that they’re $2. Have they always been that price? Was my Walmart just playing games on me???

  3. Jessica Grimmett says:

    I have the shade MOM the manager and whereas it’s not a one coater, it’s a gorgeous grey black color and I love it! I have the base and top coat that go with the brand and it did stay a week for me before bad chipping and cracking happened.

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