Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking (Review & Swatches)

Today I’m going to be talking about a polish that has received a overwhelming amount of praise for a number of months now. This polish from Cupcake Polish has been named in many people’s Favorites of 2015 and I knew that I needed to try it for myself if there was so much buzz going around. You know that when the masses deem a polish as the top purple of 2015, you need to place an order quick and make that baby yours!

I saw many pictures of Berry Good Looking before the end of the year and I had never thought anything of it. It was a nice purple but it was too fuchsia for my taste, so I never cared. Then it was being featured left to right on every account I follow and then, to top that off, when it made its way into Peachy Polish’s The Best of 2015 list. My mind had been made. The order was placed and it was all a waiting game for the superhero, the mailman.


Berry Good Looking actually won the 1st place spot not only as the best purple polish of the year, it was the best holographic polish, best indie polish and joined the polishes of the Berry Patch collection from Cupcake Polish for the title of the best indie brand collection of 2015. When I say this one’s a winner, it’s a WINNER.

To call this a purple linear holographic is an understatement. It’s just not that simple. Yes, that’s what this is but it’s also so much more. This is a holographic that’s unlike the others. The holo is insane. Holographic shimmer is usually a silver or sometimes a gold. In this case, the shimmer is a fiery red. This makes it so that even if the sun isn’t out and light isn’t directly hitting your nails, the red glisten will flash and gleam. It’s hard to describe. Berry Good Looking is completely mind-blowing and it’s something you have to experience to genuinely understand where I’m coming from.


It was hard to get this to photograph. Even the pictures I have aren’t accurate. You can’t see the rainbow holo and it photographed duller than it really is. This polish really made my camera go a little nuts. It just didn’t want its secrets to be shone for all to see! Do yourself a HUGE favor and search up as many pictures as you can of this. No amount of pictures can be equal to what this is like in person. Beautiful!


This one coat wonder is a walk in the park to apply. So richly saturated with color that you’ll wonder how in the world  Cupcake Polish even managed to create this magical creation in the first place. This is my first experience with Cupcake Polish and I can safely say that the maker of this brand is brilliant!

I found that the formula does like to bunch up a little and gum up on the bottle neck. Give a little tender love and clean that neck, close it up and give it a little roll in the palm of your hands and you should be all set. I’m guessing this is a side-effect of having such an amazingly pigmented formula.

As always with a pigmented polish, be sure to use a base to prevent staining!

Berry Good Looking- 1 coat, w/top coat

Do you see how the gloss dulled out the holo when it’s dry? I tried taking pictures of it on its own but that didn’t look up to par either. I thought a top coat would fix the problem, and it did in real life. It was glossy and purple rainbows were speaking to me. The pictures don’t show that though! Let’s try that again with flash.


Whoooooooooooo! That’s more like it! Can you breathe? The purple linear holo is singing ballads. Then the scattered holo gets its own solo, check out the second picture, it’s stronger in that one.

The whole time I had this on, I was distracted by it. I kept looking down at my nails everywhere I went. It’s beautiful in every type of lighting situation. You always notice something new that catches your eye. It’s amazement in a bottle. Ahhhh, I love this.

I can’t believe I almost missed out on trying this gem. I thought $13 was a little steep. Now I understand that you’re paying for unbeatable quality.I’ve gone on about how I support purchasing and supporting indie brands, so I’m sure I don’t need to get into that.

This is an amazing polish and if I had gotten this in 2015, it would have positively been on my Top of 2015 list, without question. I LOVE it. Despite my lack of fondness for pink/fuchsia shades, it doesn’t bother me one bit in this polish. Completely worth it. Completely justified. Beautiful!

If you’re looking for this, you can purchase it directly from the Cupcake Polish site or on Live Love Polish. It’s available at a number of other online retailers, there are plenty of friendly international options! There’s a list of these retailers on the Cupcake Polish website. It’s currently sold out at many of these sites, be sure to sign up for the waitlist to get info once it’s back in stock! It looks like Berry Good Looking won’t be saying goodbye for a while so I’d say you should wait for a good sale before purchasing. It’s also a bonus when you can save a little cash!

Don’t wait too long though! You need to try this before it leaves for good, plus the demand is HIGH!! I may have to get myself a second bottle… Yes. It’s THAT good.


  1. Ariadna says:

    Gaahhh!!! I don’t have a single indie polish because my wallet can’t handle it but I truly need this polish. I would break my no indie rules for this and a couple of the Pretty Serious polishes. This one is soooo beautiful!!! I don’t even have it!! I must get it soon!! Thanks for the pictures!! Oh and on another note, my collection was seriously lacking light blues for spring and I was about to pick up Essie’s Bikini So Teeny when I remembered your dupe so I picked up Sally Hansen’s Babe Blue instead. So thanks! 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      No problem! Always happy to help! YES! You need this!! Be warned, once you go indie, you can’t stop. Indie brands are popping out amazing polishes left and right, I can’t help myself! The temptation gets me every time. My wallet is on its last legs as we speak!

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