Color Club Ticket to Paradise Collection (Spring/Summer 2015)

Color Club is a nail polish brand that doesn’t get much coverage. It’s not hyped up as much as Essie or OPI, but they do have some outstanding polishes. Right of the bat, anyone and everyone that knows anything about holos knows Color Club has 2 collections of fantastic amazing holographic polishes that are the best from any popular polish brand. Even among the top indie holos, Color Club’s stand their ground.

I have been browsing more into the brand recently and I’ve made a huge purchase on some polishes. A few from this new Ticket to Paradise Collection caught my eye and I’m going to share them with you. In the bottle they look like nothing special, but on the nail is where they really come alive.


I picked up 3 from this 7 piece collection. They are what I’d like to call the “Powerpuff Girl Trio”. Pastel pink, blue and green always make me think of the Powerpuff Girls… These three are all sheer and have reflective shimmer that complements their base color.

My least favorite of the bunch is the pink. Tiny Umbrella  is a sheer pastel coral pink with fine pearly pink shimmer. I used 3 coats and ended with this squishy look. I love everything about it, except that it’s pink. Though, this is a pink that I’m willing to try on my toes this summer.

Tiny Umbrella- 3 coats, no top coat

The Islands is a pastel yellowy green with fine green shimmer. This one is the sheerest of them all. It barely covered anything in 4 coats. If you’re trying to get opacity, you’re gonna have a globby mess on your hands. I would suggest using this for the top layer of jelly sandwiches because of it’s transparency.

The Islands- 4 coats, no top coat

While still sheer, Sea-ing Blue is the most pigmented of these three. I got the same look like the others only using 2 coats of Sea-ing Blue. This pastel blue with blue shimmer makes me think of the ocean.

Sea-ing Blue- 2 coats, no top coat

Some people may be put off my sheer polishes, but I love them! They are fantastic for jelly sandwiches, where you sandwich a layer of glitter in between a sheer polish. These three would be perfect for them! With The Islands, I would probably use it solely as the top layer, while using a different color for the base. I’ll probably also wear these alone to get that lovely squishy look these give!

Here’s a sandwich I made using Sea-ing Blue and Petal Be the Day from the About Blooming Time! Collection from Sinful Colors.

Jelly Sandwich: Sea-ing Blue and Petal Be the Day

If you’re looking for some sheer french manicure-style polishes, try the new Essie Bridal Collection for 2015. If you’re looking for some jellies for some sandwiches, try these. Color Club nail polish can be found nail supply stores or a simple search online. Try Amazon or eBay, too! I found it cheapest on online polish wholesale sites like Head2ToeBeauty, but shipping costs are a little annoying.

By the way, I have the whole holographic collection from Color Club. Please let me know if you’d be interested in a HUGE review and swatch post on all 12 of them! I’ve also got some exciting new polishes from Color Club that you won’t want to miss! Follow me on instagram @chezadrienneblog to be the first to know!


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