China Glaze Apocalypse of Color Collection (Halloween 2014)

Halloween is approaching! In a few days, we will all be digging in to heaps of candy. Well, at least I will… #sorrynotsorry Haha, I couldn’t resist myelf, it was just the perfect moment! Anyway, until then, let’s all feast on the nail candy from all the new Halloween collections! Take a look at all my other Halloween posts I’ve been rolling out recently here, including Sinful Colors, Wet n Wild and Fantasy Makers.

Today I have a few polishes from China Glaze’s new Apocalypse of Color collection. I chose three out of the six to bring home with me and they all happen to be glitter. Is it my fault I cannot resist a unique glitter? Let’s take a look at these zombie themed pretties, shall we?


Let’s start off with I Love Your Guts is a shimmery metallic pink with tiny black glitter. I must add that the micro glitter looks almost like sprinkled black pepper! It dries down pretty fast to a semi matte finish with texture due to the glitter. I had a pretty easy time with this one, swatches below are just one coat. I prefer smoothing this polish down with top coat. The layer of top coat seems to intensify the shimmer from the polish. I’ve added pictures of both with and without top coat for comparison.

IMG_3414I Love Your Guts- 1 coat, no top coat

IMG_3418I Love Your Guts- 1 coat with top coat

On the other side of the color spectrum, we have a green version named But of Corpse. This metallic mossy green dries to the same textured matte finish as I Love Your Guts. The formula of this one seems to be different though, the first coat applied quite patchy. Of these two polishes, I prefer this color, but the formula of the other more. I’ve included an additional pic of But of Corpse with flash and without top coat to showcase the gritty texture and matte finish. Don’t worry, if you’re not into mattes/textures, a nice coat of top coat will always help smooth things down.

IMG_3419But of Corpse- 2 coats, no top coat (w/o flash)

IMG_3421But of Corpse- 2 coats, no top coat (w/flash)

IMG_3423But of Corpse- 2 coats, with top coat

Onto my favorite of this bunch, Don’t Let the Dead Bite. I have really fallen for this milky jelly pink with pinky red glitter. Since it’s a jelly, it requires 3 coats for opacity if your using it on its own. If you want the shortcut way, you can always apply one layer over a pink of your choice. I prefer it on its own, since that way it really builds dimension, giving the polish more character. I love the base color. Man, I really would have loved this one if it was this gorgeous strawberry base mixed with some matte white glitter.

Don’t Let the Dead Bite was made to look like blood splatter, and I believe the look was executed well. There’s a mix of hex and bar glitters in this one. Honestly, it really does give the look of raw flesh… Is it strange that at the same time, I also think of candy when I look at this? This is the one I would recommend if you only want one from this Halloween collection!

IMG_3426Don’t Let the Dead Bite- 3 coats, no top coat

IMG_3428Don’t Let the Dead Bite- 3 coats, no top coat (w/flash)

All of these polishes are very unique and surprising for a popular nail polish to come out with. Usually indie brands release glitter combinations like this and they do it so well. I actually have yet to own an indie polish, but I drool over photos constantly!

I’ve been playing with these polishes a great deal these past few days and I can confidently pick my favorite. Don’t Let the Dead Bite is beautiful, well, after you get over the fact that it is meant to look like blood… There’s one polish from this collection that has recently caught my eye, Rest in Pieces. Originally, I decided not to pick it up because of the bar/tinsel glitter, but after seeing it swatched over black I changed my mind. Search up some photos! It’s gorgeous. Take a look at all of the six from this collection, I’m pretty sure there’s something that’ll catch your eye!

You can find China Glaze at Sally’s Beauty and Ulta stores. Out of the two, Sally’s is easier on your wallet!


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