Champagne Socialite by Trust Fund Beauty

Subscription boxes have always intrigued me but I had never dove into that world. Recently, a friend got me to try out Glossybox by gifting me the holiday box. I’m not a makeup kinda girl, we all know nail polish is what my heart yearns for. Once I opened the box, my eyes instantly zoned in on the nail polish included in the box. Before I get into the lacquer, let’s talk about the packaging. One word instantly comes to mind, delightful. It looks sophisticated and fun. It just screams “I cost more than $10 a bottle!” Let’s get into this rose foil named Champagne Socialite.

The bottle design isn’t your typical shape. It’s a rectangular shape, quite similar to American Apparel’s bottles. The branding is in white, which may seem like a small detail to some but I love when labels are white against the glass. It’s crisp and fresh looking. I have a glass tabletop on my desk and I found this polish keep toppling over due to the design, one little nudge and it’ll fall onto its side.

There’s 0.57 fl. oz (17 mL) of lacquer inside, more than your regular bottle of nail polish, most bottles are 0.5 fl. oz (15 mL). The brush is thicker than the average brush, yet it’s not as large as a Wet n Wild Megalast or Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. It’s denser than most, so it’s wider and holds more polish when painting. I find that this is a good thing when it comes to creamy formulas.


At first glance, I wasn’t very impressed. I thought it was going to be a streaky pearly mess and that it was going to be like the other rose foils I’ve seen before. Then, I used it and it was a whole different story.

Champagne Socialite is a rose metallic foil. On Trust Fun Beauty’s website, they describe this as a rose gold foil, for me, I don’t like throwing around the words “rose gold.” Ahem, Apple. This shade doesn’t have a hint of gold in it like a true rose gold would. I guess you could simply call it a pink chrome but that doesn’t do this justice. It looks absolutely luscious in the bottle, almost silky.


The first coat was a little sheer, you could see through to my nail line and this polish didn’t apply on like a metallic. The formula feels like it’s composed of the tiniest, smallest bits of glitter I have ever seen. It’s exquisite. The reflective quality of the polish is stunning. The tiny microscopic glitter is so minute, this is some trippy stuff. It applied so smoothly on the second coat that I questioned my observations during the first coat. I really don’t know how they created this but it is gorgeous. I enjoyed this polish much more than I thought I would from the beginning.


OPI Worth a Pretty Penne is warmer, with an orangey look when compared to Champagne Socialite. Take a look at my review of the OPI Fall/Winter 2015 Venice Collection here.

The holidays are coming up and you’re going to need a fresh mani, why not grab this and try this little wonder. If you have a nail polish addict in your life, they’ll appreciate this polish for what it really is. At $15 a bottle, this isn’t something for everyone, there are tons of polishes out there that will give you the same effect but they won’t match the quality or shade of this one. If you received this in your Glossybox, I’d love to hear what you thought of it. Or if you haven’t tried it yet, I hope you do after reading this!

Trust Fund Beauty is cruelty-free, non-toxic and 7-free. Take a look at their website here, They currently have little holiday sets. They even have their own subscription service, if you would like to read up on that, visit this page. I think I’m going to have to go on their site and add some things to my wishlist!

Be sure to pull out your favorite metallics, this is the best time of year to showcase them!

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  1. Ariadna says:

    It looks really shimmery and pretty in your pictures. Will anybody ever be able to make a true rose gold polish? I would love one if they ever come out with one! 🙂

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