China Glaze Twinkle Collection (Winter 2014)

Bring on the glitter and shimmer for winter 2014! China Glaze does not disappoint with their new Twinkle collection. The holidays are over, but I still have a ton of holiday collections to share. Due to my laziness, they’ve really accumulated over these past few weeks.

From this 12-piece collection, I bought 8. I’m pleased with the polishes I picked. Every one of them are worth the buy. Let’s dig in to see them for yourselves.

IMG_4112 copy

It seems every brand has released a metallic silver polish recently and China Glaze decided to go with the flow. I’d Melt For You is a silver chrome. I bought this one hoping it would beat the others and be as foil-like as possible. The formula was fantastic, just one coat needed. I was slightly disappointed when I compared it to my other silver chromes, essie No Place Like Chrome and OPI Push and Shove.

Unlike No Place Like Chrome, the formula is opaque in one coat and it doesn’t drag, making it easier to work with. Push and Shove requires a specific base coat, making it pretty annoying. The formula of Push and Shove is on the thinner side as well. The formula of I’d Melt For You beats the other two. If you have a silver chrome in your collection already, I’d say you should probably pass on this one. It’s not outstanding after all. On the other hand, if you don’t, this one is the best I’ve used and I would definitely recommend this one.

When you slap on some top coat, it alters the look of the polish. The top coat brings out the shimmer in the polish and it just transforms into an ordinary shimmery silver.

I’d Melt For You- 1 coat, no top coat
L-R: essie No Place Like Chrome, China Glaze I’d Melt For You, OPI Push and ShoveIMG_3843

Gray is the next biggest thing. You’re going to see a huge amount of gray on this blog soon, in some posts to come. Gray polishes and collections are coming out from left to right and I will have them here soon!
Out Like A Light is a dark gray creme. The formula is alright, not to thin or thick, generally easy to work with. Most China Glaze creme polishes tend to have this formula. I needed just one coat Out Like A Light for full opacity. This shade isn’t very unique, but it’s a great gray with a pretty good formula. If you don’t own a dark gray, this is a good one to pick up. This is a great color to layer glitter polishes over, you’ll see some examples soon.

Out Like A Light- 1 coat, no top coat

Next we have Feeling Twinkly, a blue micro glitter in a clear base that’s best used as a topper. Of course you could use this alone if you wish, though that would require too many coats and too much time. It glides on the nail nicely over Out Like A Light. I needed just one coat to cover the gray creme with ultra fine blue glitter particles. This is a great polish to use when you’re tired of using obnoxious glitter and are looking for a breath of air that’s just as glam.

Feeling Twinkly- 1 coat over Out Like A Light

Pine-ing for Glitter is a teal glitter. It’s a notch above Feeling Twinkly when it comes to the glitter department. There is a combination small hex glitter and ultra fine glitter, like that from Feeling Twinkly. Of the two glitter polishes, I prefer this one. I general lean towards glitters with varying sizes, since it adds dimension and adds interest. This needed just one coat for excellent glitter coverage when over a base color. If you want less glitter, just apply it lightly and if you want more, lay it on thicker. If you want to sport it by itself, 2 coats is all you need.

Pine-ing for Glitter- 2 coats, no top coat
Pine-ing for Glitter- 1 coat over Out Like A Light
(Heavier coat on Index & Middle, Lighter coat on Ring & Pinky)

What’s a winter collection without a frosty metallic shade? No Peeking is an aubergine purple frost with some berry tones. Purple frosts always catch my eye (speaking of which, Zoya Prim from their recent winter collection is perfection). They don’t look the best on me but I’m always intrigued by them. No Peeking had an alright formula, typical China Glaze formula. Meaning it’s a tad bit on the liquidy side and can tend to pool the cuticles. It’s very easy to get used to and isn’t too bad.

No Peeking- 2 coats, no top coat

I loved the look of Meet Me Under the Stars once I set my eyes on it for the first time. Micro silver and black glitter is mixed within a sheer black base. When I tried this polish for the first time, I was disappointed to see it was such a thin sheer base. Luckily, the second coat offered complete opacity and I was pleasantly surprised. The opacity of this polish depends heavily on the dense glitter, not the black base. In different lighting, Meet Me Under the Stars can look less black and more blue and since it’s silver glitter, when it reflects colors, it is gorgeous. This is one of my favorites from this collection.

Meet Me Under the Stars- 2 coats, no top coat

My other favorite from this collection is December to Remember. This frosty blue polish is filled with pink/purple iridescent shimmer. The formula is very thin but surprisingly need just 2 coats, or 3 thin coats. It is so beautiful. This is one that you need to see in person, photos just do not capture its true beauty.

December to Remember- 2 coats, no top coat

The last nail polish I chose from this collection is De-Light. This glitter topper is packed with holographic short bar glitter and gold hex glitter. This is bar glitter done right. I really liked this one and I’m not usually a fan of bar glitter! It’s a New Year’s type of glitter for sure. Packed with delight. Heh.

I chose to swatch De-Light over Nails Inc Gel Effect The Boltons (I’m reviewing the gift set I received this in soon!). You can layer this over any color you wish and even wear it alone. Since the glitter is so packed, you would likely need just 2 or 3 coats to fully cover the nail.

De-Light- 1 coat over Nails Inc Gel Effect The Boltons (review coming soon)

China Glaze never really excites me with their new releases but this Twinkle collection is a different story. I knew I needed a bunch of these shades when I saw them in-store. When I tried them on for the first time I was really wowed. I give mad props to China Glaze. They’re not as popular as OPI or essie, but they always release huge collections. With each time, they continue to wow us. They did a great job with this collection and I’m very excited to see what China Glaze will be rolling out this new year!

My favorites from this collection would be December to Remember and Meet Me Under the Stars. You really must see these two in person and snatch them up!



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