China Glaze Cheers! Collection for Holiday 2015

China Glaze is back at it again with a new collection just in time for the holidays. Let 2015 go with a bang with these beauties! There are 12 new polishes part of this holiday collection. There are two cremes and the rest are all shimmers or glitters. Out of the 12 polishes, I picked out 5. Let’s get into it and let me just say that they certainly did not disappoint.

Don’t Get Elfed Up is a strong teal shimmer with a cloak of smokey black. On the first coat, it was sheer but it had great coverage in two coats. It has teal shimmer that shows up beautifully. This polish reminds me of a softer version of the very metallic Bell-Bottomed Blues from Essie’s recent fall collection. In the bottle, it has a faint duochrome effect. On the nail there is a slight sheen of purple at some angles but I wasn’t able to capture it.

Don’t Get Elfed Up- 2 coats, no top coat

One of the exciting new glitters I had my eye on is Brand Sparkin’ New Year. This chunky glitter has a squishy jelly base with purple metallic hexes and holo hexes. This is amazing. It is packed with glitter of varying sizes, which is one of my weak spots, and it’s also purple. Swoon. Be sure to add a generous helping of top coat to smooth out these chunky glitters.

The formula was good, the jelly base was a good consistency but with time, it may start to goop up a little. That may be something to look out for. This will be tough to remove after wearing as a mani but that’s a small price to pay for how absolutely gorgeous this polish is!

Brand Sparkin’ New Year- 2 coats, no top coatIMG_0539IMG_0540

w/top coat

There’s similar polish in a different color. Coal Hands, Warm Heart is a black jelly glitter that’s just as stunning as Brand Sparkin’ New Year. It has varying sizes of blue metallic and holo glitter. I love the look of a bright blue against black. The glitter glistens beautifully contrasting against the dark base.

Coal Hands, Warm Heart- 2 coats, no top coat

w/top coat

This glitter is reminiscent of Zoya Imogen. Of course they both have totally different finishes; Imogen is a textured matte. Other than that, they are both chunky black glitters with holo glitter. The blue metallic glitter in Coal Hands, Warm Heart wins me over. The two different kinds of glitter gives the polish more dimension and it makes it more interesting. China Glaze did a great job with this one!

I&R: Coal Hands, Warm Heart, M&P: Zoya Imogen

These two jelly glitter polishes, Brand Sparkin’ New Year and Coal Hands, Warm Heart, were very Deborah Lippman-esque. I have never had the pleasure of owning a Deborah Lippman glitter but they are famous for being some of the best chunky glitter polishes EVER. If you’re not willing to dish out $20, these are great buys for less than half that price! If you can get the same look for less, why not?! Did I mention there’s also another glitter in this collection in red with the same kind of look? Pick up Ugly Sweater Party for a multidimensional red look. If you solely want a version of this as just a glitter topper, look into Bring on the Bubbly, which is a gold and holographic glitter mix. I’m actually think about planning on picking a bottle up for myself too!

For those who don’t like loud glitter polishes but enjoy some glitz, try a micro glitter polish like I Soiree I Didn’t Do It. It has a light sea green jelly base with matching colored metallic and holo fine/micro glitter. You can tell when you swirl the bottle around that this has a thinner base. To get an opaque look, you would need 3 coats. I would recommend wearing this as a topper over a base color. I liked it better when I layered I Soiree I Didn’t Do It over Yves from the new Zoya Matte Velvet Collection.

I Soiree I Didn’t Do It- 3 coats, no top coat

I Soiree I Didn’t Do It- 1 coat over Zoya Yves (review)

For the last of my picks from this new holiday collection, this is Break the Ice. I love the name for this, it’s very fitting. Inside a clear base are small shards of holographic glitter, mimicking the look of broken sheets of ice. I would love to layer this shattered glitter over anything and everything! I decided to pair it with Virgin Snow from Essie’s newest winter collection. I think they compliment each other perfectly. The delicate shade with the sharp edgy glitter creates some attractive juxtaposition.

Break the Ice- 1 coat over Virgin Snow

China Glaze has once again proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. These glitters are some of the best I have seen in a long time! Loving the glitters! They’re the polishes you were missing in your life that you didn’t even know you were missing! Seriously, I feel completed with these in my collection. I may sound a little over-the-top but you haven’t tried these for yourself yet. If you love yourself some sparkle, this is the collection to check out. I think I can safely say this is one of my favorite holiday collections for this year the second is one that I will be sharing soon! Stay tuned for that one, it’ll make you drool. Promise.

To get your hands on this new Cheers! Collection from China Glaze, visit Sally Beauty online and in-stores, Ulta Beauty online and in-stores and other China Glaze e-retailers. Be sure to take a look at my top picks from this collection; Brand Sparkin’ New Year, Coal Hands, Warm Heart and Break the Ice.



  1. Ariadna says:

    I really like “Don’t get Elfed Up” but since I’m not much of a glitter fan, I’ll probably have to pass on most of these. The purple one is really pretty, but I feel like I’m too old to wear it. Oh well, your nails look wonderful as always!

    • chezadrienne says:

      Thank you! I know glitter isn’t for everyone but if you do decide to venture into it, these are some fun ones to try. Have you seen the new OPI Holiday Starlight collection? Do any of those shades appeal to you? There are some great shimmers! If you’re into dark shades, I think you’ll really like Cosmo With a Twist! (; Please take a look at my review if you haven’t, they’re not so bold and sparkly like this China Glaze collection.

      • Ariadna says:

        You’re absolutely right! I did see your review and I loved Cosmo with a Twist!! It’s very similar to OPI Ink which is one of my oldest lemmings, I’m hoping Santa will bring me a gift card I can use towards these lemmings. Have you seen pictures on the Hello Kitty collection? I’m really looking forward to them. I honestly used to hate, no HATE pink, but after my daughter was born and I was bombarded with pink everything, I can’t help but like it now. Plus, I have a soft spot for Hello Kitty, I’ve loved her since I was a kid and now my daughter likes her as well.

        • chezadrienne says:

          Hahaaaha, I’m actually planning on going on a polish spree this weekend to grab a few from the Hello Kitty collection! From the pictures I’ve seen, I’m not very excited over the shades. The pink is one of the colors that’s on my list and one I’m looking forward to trying. That’s crazy for me! I know exactly what you mean though about hating pink! For as long as I can remember, I have despised pink but something’s gotten into me these days and I’m starting to soften up to it. Who knows, maybe it’ll turn out to be my favorite from the whole collection!

          Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope Santa gets you that gift card so you can get some well-deseved gifts for yourself!

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