China Glaze Desert Escape Collection (Summer 2015): Meet in the Mirage

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China Glaze’s Electric Nights Collection put the brand into my top 5. When I saw the press release for this new limited edition summer release, I must say, I was a little disappointed. The color selection was… boring. I own the colors of this collection in some shape or form from other brands, or even within the same brand. The bright bubblegum pink would interest those that have a soft spot for the shade, it would satisfy anyone who loves those fluorescent pinks. The only one that caught my eye as one I would like to try out was the rose gold metallic polish named Meet in the Mirage. Among the cremes of the collection, it stood out as the one to get. Skip over to the swatches that are to follow! This one is the MVP of this collection, I can bet on that!


Meet Me in the Mirage is a copper rose foil. This polish is to dazzle. The metallic shimmer in this isn’t shy, it takes center stage. In one effortless coat, you are left with this perfect application that cuts polishing time in more than half. In the unlikely-hood that you are to mess up, a simple second coat will patch things right up. Under indoor lighting this polish can take on a warm bronzey appearance, in natural light, this rose metallic looks softer.

This polish reminds me of the recently released limited edition highlighter from Becca. The Shimmering Skin Perfector in Blushed Copper. Just imagine, wearing this on your nails and that highlight glowing on your cheekbones. Perfect match! I couldn’t write up this post without thinking I should include this little thought I had while adding in the pictures!

Meet in the Mirage- 1 coat, no top coat (in artifical light)
IMG_6846 IMG_6848

Meet in the Mirage in natural light


Once I had this on my nails, I thought of Orly Rage, a polish that has been on my wishlist from the very beginning. I searched up swatches of Rage to see if it seemed even close of Meet in the MirageRage is a softer rose foil. Meet in the Mirage is a bolder rose foil that cannot be mistaken of silver or gold. Rage is more subtle and in certain lighting, it can pass off for a silver foil. These two are entirely different and Rage will continue to be on my wishlist. For now, I’m quite satisfied owning Meet in the Mirage, so there’s no rush to go out and purchase another rose foil.

I love it when I single out just one polish from a collection and end up falling head over heels for it. I’m glad I chose to skip on the others and go for just this. I need to save money where I can you know!

The Desert Escape Collection will be available in Sally Beauty stores in sets. I’ve heard this limited edition collection will not be sold at Ulta Beauty, but the information may be wrong. If it is true, however, there are tons of places online that sell China Glaze. Let me know if you spot these anywhere. I haven’t seen them at my Sally’s yet. They should be appearing soon, they were set to release the beginning of June so be on the look out!

If you grab this one, let me know your thoughts!


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