Bonita Wanna Get Away Collection for Summer 2015

I’m always looking at the nail polish section in every store I go to. I’ve always seen Bonita around at Rite Aid but have never really paid attention to it. I tried my first polish from the brand last winter and I was pretty impressed by the color payoff and formula for just $1.49. I don’t know why I didn’t try more from the brand. It’s partly due to the lack of Rite Aid stores around my area, the closest drugstore is a CVS and I tend to buy all I need in terms of drugstore items from there. I go to Walgreens pretty often to go hunting for new polish collections but I rarely ever wander over to Rite Aid. Well, on this particular day, I was in one and a fresh new Bonita display caught my attention. This new Getaway Collection looked promising so I picked up half of the whole collection to try. The polishes were $2.49 each, in the salon formula and bottle. They have polishes sold at $1.49 in smaller bottles that simply say “Nail Lacquer”. These are the three I ended up buying. Keep reading to see how it went.



Here’s a picture of their smaller 0.4 oz bottle (priced at $1.49) and their larger 0.5 oz bottle ($2.49). The larger bottle holds 0.1 oz (3 ml) more.


From my limited experience with the brand, the salon formula does make a difference. They are smoother. The brush sizes on both are the same. Either way, both formulas are fantastic. The bottles I own are great and well worth the price! Even at $2.49 it’s a bargain for what you’re getting in return!


This dusty medium blue named Bora Bora Coast has an amazing formula. The color of this one reminds me of a denim jacket, a light one perfect for spring. I see this more as a spring shade than one for the summer because of this. Still, I love dusty colors and I’ll probably get a ton of use from this one all year long! The formula is smooth and glides onto the nail with ease.

Bora Bora Coast- 2 coats, no top coat


Bora Bora Coast reminds me of one of my favorite blues, Orly SnowconeBora Bora Coast is a lighter version, just by a hair. I had been thinking of getting a new bottle of my favorite blue but now that I have this one, I think I’m content. Nothing will ever take the place of my previous Snowcone, however, this one is pretty darn close.


Cocktails in Aruba is a green that’s hard for me to describe. I’ll try my best! It’s like a grass green with a drop of teal. Like a warm green with just a bit of cool-ness. It’s like a cucumber mint type of color… What I’m trying to say is that this is a refreshing green. Like a cooling spearmint green with some pastel running through it. That’s it! That’s what this is.

It was almost a one coater. These type of polishes are my favorites to work with. They smooth onto the nail effortlessly and they’re not so thick you have to get it on perfectly in one coat. You can take your time and get a good first layer and then go back for that second layer to reach opacity.

Cocktails in Aruba- 2 coats, no top coat


This polish is very similar to Revlon’s Lime Basil from their Parfumerie range. It’s one of my favorite greens and the scent is to die for! They’re being fazed out right now so if they’re still available where you are, give it a try! It’s the most amazing scent. If you’re not into scented nail polish, this is your polish to try for that amazing refreshing green color. They’re not completely the same color, Cocktails in Aruba is a little cooler. They are similar enough that if you have one you don’t need the other.


I own many gold polishes already but I couldn’t help grabbing this one too. Golden Florence looked like a gold foil with excellent coverage. You know what? I was right! It covered my nail entirely with just one coat and had a good formula. It’s on the thicker side and trickier than the rest to apply. This tends to happen with polishes like this so I didn’t mind it.

This warm gold has a bronze hue. It was like liquid gold on the nails. Like JLo’s glow captured a nail polish. Hah! Something to note is that dries with a little texture,it’s very fine so a nice layer of top coat smooths it out nicely.

Golden Florence- 1 coat, no top coat


The formula of this polish reminds me of China Glaze Meet Me in the Mirage from the Desert Escape Collection for this summer. I just reviewed this polish hereMeet Me in the Mirage is a rose foil. Both of these polishes were amazing in just one coat and they perform very similar.

This experience with Bonita has impressed me with the brand. For just $2.49, these are solid polishes the rival those four times the price! You can get quality and quantity! I love these colors so much and they’ll be living alongside my polish favorites. I’m looking forward to more releases from this brand. Why didn’t I check them out before?! Kicking myself right now!

Have you tried Bonita? What are your favorite(s) from them? If you would like to purchase these or any other Bonita polishes, they are sold in Rite Aid stores. If you don’t live near a Rite Aid, you can always visit their website, there they have more than just nail polish. They have lip products too, also at great prices. I remember hearing some buzz on the Bonita Velvet Lip Creams when they came out, those would be a good product to give a try. There is a large assortment of polish on the site. An overwhelming amount. So if you’re looking to take a big bite out of the brand, the site is your best bet!

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