Bonita Gel-On Polish in Purple Craze (Review and Swatches)

I’ve heard people talking about the new Bonita Gel-On polishes ever since the summer. I haven’t spotted them in my local stores at all, until recently. I check all the Rite Aids around me and just when I thought I had failed, I spotted a new display off to the side holding some new shades. It was a holiday display with some promising metallics. I just spent a ton on new collections so I could only justify grabbing one to try out at the time. So I went with my gut and picked up the purple.

Purple Glaze is a bright metallic purple with light pink glass shimmer. There’s a bit of silver embedded in it that gives it a dusty quality about it. It’s somehow a brighter purple, yet still dark and perfect for this time of year. The formula was great. Nice and smooth. The first coat applied sheerly it had a kind of smooth velvety look. It’s a tad brushstrokey but it had such a gorgeous plump and glossy look.


Purple Glaze- 2 coats, no top coat

w/top coat

In the photos, the top coat doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. This polish is full of luster on its own. Now that we’ve confirmed that this polish truly does give you a gel-like finish, what about longevity? How long would that shine last? What would be the results of a wear test?

To preform the wear test, I wore it with base coat but without top coat. I chose to do this because I am a firm believer in never skipping on base coat and I skipped on top coat because I wanted to see how the polish itself would perform without a protecting layer on top.

I wore this polish for a total of 5 days. On the second day, I noticed light tip wear and it didn’t seem as plump and shiny as it was the day before. As the days passed, I only saw minor wear on the tips until the fourth day when I noticed some slight chipping and I also noted that the polish looked very dull and worn out. It lacked the luster it had. The fifth day was when I saw noticeable chipping and decided to remove it. That is pretty impressive since I normally get just 3-4 days of wear on average and that’s with base coat and top coat. The fact that I was able to get up to 5 great days with this without top coat is great.

Day 2:

Day 5:

The chipping was the worst on my thumb, index and pinky fingers. I’m sorry I don’t have my index finger in the shot! I actually removed the polish on my index finger before I remembered I hadn’t snapped a picture first! The chipping on my dominant hand was slightly worse.

Although I was able to get five days of wear from this polish, the shine wore off on the second day and the longer I wore it, the duller it became. I’m sure if I used top coat, the gloss would have lasted a couple more days. Overall, I’d say this was a pretty successful run. This polish does seem to be more long-lasting than the average nail polish.

However, there was something lacking in this shade. I kept glancing at my nails and questioning whether or not I liked the color and if I would use it again. It’s a unique shade, it’s not exactly a bright purple metallic. It has a dusty quality to it that’s really interesting. I’m still on the fence about this shade at this moment. I did love how it looked in this bright lighting in the picture below! The pink shimmer pops much more than it did and the polish is far brighter. I think I would have preferred this color more.


There is one thing I know, I am going to visit the Rite Aids around me to see if I can spot more from this line. I have already visited two in my area with no luck. I really want to give the creme shades a try. I would love to try out the formula of other finishes from this range.

If you’re interested in this new line from Bonita, it is exclusive to Rite Aid stores and are not at this moment available online on their official website. They retail for $2.99 each. For a smidge less than $3 I think these are worth a shot. I will be on the hunt for some cremes to try out! Let me know how you fair with this line, I would love to know how your experience was!


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