2015 Yearly Nail Polish Favorites

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2015 has come and gone. What an amazing year it has been. This was a polished year and today, I have my favorite nail polishes from 2015. I have included 15 that were released this past year and they have all kept my nails beautifully lacquered. I decided to mention only polishes that were released in 2015 because the other ones that I loved are part of my all-time favorites and I hope to create a blog post on those soon. For now, let’s begin the photo gallery of my faves. If you would like to know more detail on a certain polish, be sure to check out the corresponding blog post I will have linked beside each one. I also added a glossy layer of top coat to bring each polish to its full glory. I also mentioned my favorite brands of the year and collection. My favorite nail polishes of 2015. Enjoy!


I have loosely organized these based on seasons. You’ll see that I will hop around a bit but it all ties in. At least, I hope it makes sense to you! Plus somehow, they have naturally fallen into a good mix of drugstore and salon brands. Yay! Mission accomplished.

Psttt, stick around until the end for some extra favorites and some multi-chrome goodness!

Starting with one that has been on my nails very often recently, OPI Give Me Space from the Starlight collection for Holiday 2015. Did you know that ever polish from that collection is currently on sale at Sally Beauty for $3.99?!?!


This is China Glaze Coal Hands, Warm Heart from the Cheers! Holiday collection. I completely fell in love with the dimension the glitter mix and jelly base create. It is unique and it is genius.


Zoya Charli from the Focus collection for fall is a fall staple. It’s an army green neutral that just works. Plus, it’s a one coater!


Here’s another fall staple, OPI It’s a Piazza Cake. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. Somehow, this spiced orangey red flatters my skin tone and it’s on trend with the whole pumpkin spice craze. Heh.


Zoya Honor is another green from Zoya with a one-coat formula. This dries with a matte velvet finish that’s soft to the touch and swoon-worthy. The whole Matte Velvet collection for Winter/Holiday 2015 was absolutely wonderful.


Why stop there with Zoya greens? Here’s another one to add to the list from the NYFW Satin Matte Trio they released for a limited time back in September. Zoya Constance is a green I’ll never forget. This whole year was about the greens for me. Can you blame me though? Look at that satin matte, leather-like finish. Did I mention that this was just one coat? Yep. You go, Zoya!!


Straight from the drugstore, this is Revlon Untamed from the fall The Fiery Temptress collection. Tell me this isn’t fall foliage in a bottle! Oh my. You may still be able to find this in stores so hop to it!


Do you remember the hype surrounding L’Oreal Masked Affair. This was the first time I had ever seen a holo at the drugstore and I sure hope it’s not the worst. The Dark Sides of Grey collection was all around good but this lavender holo really tickles my fancy.


Wet n Wild’s Sky Me Mine is a blue that blew me away with its formula. This is a sky blue that everyone needs in their collection. Sure, the color isn’t unique but for $2.99, gimme that. I referenced some alternatives in my review post on the California Dreaming Summer collection here.


For even more affordability, Sinful Colors definitely made it onto the list with No Filter. They’re always releasing collections here and there with a mix of older and new shades so it’s a tad confusing to sort them out. This duochrome shifts from blue to purple in such a pretty way. I captured more photos on my review of the Sinful Colors Oh Snap collection for fall.


Wet n Wild has made it on the list twice! Well deserved I might add. Tree Hugger from the Silver Lake collection from the spring is a green that has become the perfect pastel green. I always find lighter greens too warm-toned and yellow for my liking and I love the way this looks. Bonus points for having a jelly formula, which gives this a nice squishy look.


Essie Color Binge is a vibrant red that pops. Sizzles. It’s surprising and refreshingly different that it was released during the spring in Essie’s Leggy Legend collection. This was the first time I have ever worn a red longer than a couple of hours. In fact, I chose to use this for a mani twice. This has changed the way I look at red polish forever.


Another purple to add is Zoya Isa. Wow, I really liked Zoya this year. Pretty sure that has to do with the amazing formulas they create. Isa is a richer purple that can seem blurple. It doesn’t have the duochrome effec that Sinful Colors No Filter does. These two purples deserve to be here and they are both very different. This purple is so very beautiful and complex. It’s too hard to explain, I guess it’s like a creamy metallic mix of sorts. Find this and get it. You need to try this on yourself!


Summer time was so far away and neons usually take over my nails. Many of the neons I used were indies since they do them the very best. However, there’s one mainstream brand that everyone agrees makes the best neons, China Glaze. 2015 summer’s releases were pastel neons in the Electric Nights collection that hypnotized me to get the entire collection. This is the one I kept wearing. China Glaze Treble Maker.


Now for a pastel neon that blinds you. Orly Push the Limit is neon, yet pastel. Crazy right? Have you even seen the Adrenaline Rush collection? It is seriously underrated, I liked that collection so much I had to feature each polish on my Instagram. That never happens!


What was my favorite mainstream brand this year?
Zoya. No question about it. The formula on their polishes are amazing. I have so many Zoya polishes that need more love. Most of them apply opaque in just one coat. Take a look at all my Zoya reviews here. If you’re reading this on the dates between 1/6-1/13, Zoya is currently doing a promotion where you get 4 polishes for free! You just pay for shipping! Yay! Head on over to their website for more info.

OPI keeps pulling out these shades that have me wonder what the heck where they thinking? Ahem, Pineapples Have Peelings Too (Spring/Summer) and Baroque…But Still Shopping (Fall/Winter). Then there’s Essie, that keeps releasing the same darn thing with different names. You know you were thinking that too.

What was my favorite collection this year?
You may have noticed I didn’t mention one single Color Club Oil Slick polish. That’s because I LOVED every single one.

Color Club OIL SLICKS is where it’s at!

That post is my favorite of the year. It was so fun to get a thousand shots of the polish to capture all the colors each multi-chrome had. Color Club said they were tri-chromes but they are wayyyyy more awesome than that. Trust me, take a look. You really NEED to!!! Okay, here’s a few for example.



Oh yeah. That was stunning. Please. Do yourself a favor and run on over to my post on the Color Club Oil Slick collection.

These were all the polishes that stood out to me this past year. I love every single one. If there’s anything to take away from this post, it’s that this was a year of some fantastic polish and I hope this will be another great year.


  1. Ariadna says:

    I love end of the year reviews!! Yours was pretty awesome, I LOVE Isa. Such a unique and pretty color! Reading thru the list I was surprised you didn’t have any Oil Slicks until I got to the end, ha ha!! I really wish they were more easily accessible!! I feel like I need to see the nail polish before I buy it, but I’m too much of a cheapskate to pay full price, the dilemma!! I blew my nail polish budget while out of town this past weekend so I could only order two Hello Kitty polishes from eBay but I got Spoken from the Heart and Super Cute in Pink. I wanted 6!! I showed them to my husband and he tried convincing me to get 5 Apples Tall but I have more reds than I know what to do with and stood my ground. He always tries to convince me to get different colors than what I want. Last time he did that we went to Beauty Brands get 3 for 2 OPIs plus I had the $3.50 coupon. My MAIN goal was to get OPI Ink but I ended up getting You’re Such a Budapest, My Dogsled is a Hybrid and Yoga-ta get this Blue! I was so mad at myself when I got home because he talked me out of OPI Ink, grr!! So I vowed to never let him have a say in what nail polish I buy (color-wise) ha ha!! Whew! Sorry for the long rant! I just love your posts! Have a great day!

    • chezadrienne says:

      HAHAH! I know exactly what you mean! When I go to the store and I even get close to the nail polish section, my boyfriend instantly has the oh no, not again face! I’ll start looking at them and holding the polishes to the light (crazy polish lady much?) and I’ll ask him “Do you think I should get this?” He almost always says no and that’ll get me to think about it, put it down and walk away. Nine times out of ten, I’ll linger around the store and head right on back to the polish I abandoned and swoop it up!
      OPI Ink! I’ve lemmed for that polish for so long but with all the “dupes” I own, I could never bring myself to get it. I say get it! If you’ve been think about it for a while and you walked away but it’s still on your mind, you need to get it! I’m sorry to be an enabler!

      • Ariadna says:

        You don’t have to be sorry for being an enabler!! I just need to exercise some self-control, ha!! My problem is that I feel so guilty spending money on myself, 9 times out of 10 I’ll spend it on my daughter so when I really want something I feel like I have to really, really LOVE it, you know? I wish I had been a polish junkie when I was single and making good money, I started getting into nail polish around junior high and high school but stopped after that. Even though I still have some of those nail polishes, I can only imagine what collections I would’ve been able to pick up when I was in college or after college with a nice disposable income. 🙂 Oh well! Hey I have a question, do you by any chance have Sinful Colors Sail La Vie? It’s a cobalt blue creme, really pretty. I’m wondering if that’s a dupe for OPI My Pal Joey. I have SH Pacific Blue (OG) and Sail La Vie is darker than PB. I wish there was a search engine for nail polish dupes. That’s probably near impossible, since you need the same lighting conditions to take pictures in and obviously the thousands upon thousands of polishes to compare. So thank you for showing us the pretty colors, this is why I love nail blogs, so that I can compare and see if I already have something in my stash similar to it. After another long rant, I’m off. Have a great day!!

        • chezadrienne says:

          I don’t have Sail La Vie, but from your description, I think you’re thinking of Endless Blue. Surprisingly, I don’t have Endless Blue, but it’s always been on my “must try” list. From the swatches online, I think I can safely say that it’s darker than My Pal Joey. My Pal Joey is such a basic blue that I don’t think you really need to get it if you already own such a stunning blue. However, that’s what I thought before I went and tried it on. It’s a really nice blue and I love it, it’s just not special enough for me to say you need it. If you reach for blues often, I think you should definitely get it and try it out. If you don’t really grab for them or you have a ton already, I think it would be safe to skip it.
          I’ll try and go over to the drugstore to get a shot of my nails painted to My Pal Joey and a bottle of Sinful Colors Endless Blue!

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